Power the Protein Push   

Only three percent of India’s population understands the prominent functions of the nutrient. What does this lead to? 

published on : 26th July 2020

The art of protein combos

It is only during this pandemic that we’ve started to recognise the immunity- boosting role of proteins. Nevertheless, protein remains a largely neglected nutrient in our country.

published on : 22nd July 2020

Uncovering the protein paradox

Earlier this week, Right To Protein, a nationwide public health awareness initiative, released the findings of a study by research agency Nielsen that surveyed 2,142 mothers across 16 Indian cities.

published on : 17th July 2020

Proteins to the rescue

This is primarily because our meals are predominantly carbohydrate based.

published on : 6th May 2020

Brain proteins help to understand epilepsy

EEG tests showed brain waves moving out of control, mimicking patterns seen in humans with epilepsy and anxiety.

published on : 10th August 2018