Protesters gather outside UK Parliament for withdrawal vote

Protesters and passers-by give their verdict on the parliament’s handling of Britain’s exit from the EU.

published on : 30th March 2019

Brussels police fire water cannons at 'yellow vest' protesters

Belgian police fired water cannons and teargas in central Brussels to reign in protesters inspired by France's "yellow vest" anti-tax movement.

published on : 1st December 2018

Protests hit Honduras capital over election recounts

Protesters clash with police in the Honduras capital after the country's vice president rejected calls for a new presidential vote. 

published on : 19th December 2017

Police and protesters clash over protest camps in Hamburg

Protesters clash with riot police on the streets of Hamburg, Germany, as tension rises over whether protest camps will be allowed during this week's G20 summit. 

published on : 5th July 2017

Demonstrators hold 'die-in' to save Obamacare

Protesters in Brooklyn bare bitter cold temperatures to voice their opposition to plans hatched by House Republicans to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

published on : 13th March 2017