Russia and Ukraine

Ukrainian nuke plant operating tenuously as war persists

The six-reactor Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant came under the control of Russian forces early in the war that started in February, but is being operated by Ukrainian staff.

published on : 9th September 2022

Ukraine nuclear plant standoff stirs Chernobyl nuclear disaster memories

Ukraine says enemy troops are launching attacks from the Zaporizhzhia atomic power plant -- Europe's largest -- and its own military cannot return fire.

published on : 14th August 2022

Russia takes small cities, aims to widen east Ukraine battle

The Russian Defense Ministry said the railroad center Lyman had been “completely liberated’’ by a joint force of Russian soldiers and Kremlin-backed separatists.

published on : 29th May 2022

After 3 months of war, here's how life in Russia has profoundly changed

Some young men may have also fled in fear that the Kremlin would impose a mandatory draft to feed its war machine.

published on : 23rd May 2022

Recession in US is not inevitable, pain to last some time: Joe Biden

Speaking at a news conference Monday in Tokyo, Biden acknowledged that the American economy has "problems," but said it was better positioned than other countries.

published on : 23rd May 2022

Russia-Ukraine crisis hits Gujarat diamond industry, here's why

Major diamond factories in Surat have reduced the working week from three to four days. Several small factories in Surat have been closed for the time being.

published on : 20th May 2022

Fall of Mariupol appears at hand; fighters leave steel plant

"To save their lives. Ukraine needs them. This is the main thing," Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov said.

published on : 18th May 2022

Russian President Vladimir Putin 'seriously ill with blood cancer': Reports

"As a result, we will renew Ukrainian power in all our territories," he added. It was also claimed by an unnamed Russian oligarch that Putin is "very ill with blood cancer", the Daily Mail reported.

published on : 16th May 2022

Protesters vent fury at French company for staying in Russia

Poland is a member of NATO, but there are still fears it also could become a target of the Kremlin’s revived colonial ambitions, particularly if Russia claims victory in Ukraine.

published on : 12th May 2022

Zelensky says 'evil' returned to Europe on victory anniversary

The Ukrainian leader accused Russia of implementing a "bloody reconstruction of Nazism," in his country using "its ideas actions, words and symbols."

published on : 8th May 2022

UK confirms extra military support funds for Ukraine to counter Russia

The meeting came on a day, which is being marked across Europe as VE Day, or Victory in Europe Day that ended World War II on May 8, 1945.

published on : 8th May 2022

60 feared dead after school bombed in east Ukraine: Governor

Rescuers were also looking for survivors in the neighbouring village of Shepilivka after a strike hit a house where 11 people were sheltering in the basement, he said.

published on : 8th May 2022

Syrians in desperate need of aid hit hard by Ukraine fallout

Food prices around the world were already rising, but the war in Ukraine has accelerated the increase since Russia's invasion began on February 24.

published on : 8th May 2022

Standoff at strategic Ukraine river eyed by Russian troops

Planted in the sand is a slightly rusty sign asking people to pay attention -- a polite warning requesting not to disturb a neighbour relaxing on a towel, to keep a ball under control.

published on : 7th May 2022

'We're so sorry': Mariupol plant evacuees feel relief, grief

They arrived safely in the southern Ukrainian city of Zaporizhzhia this week. There, they described for The Associated Press their two months at the center of hell, and their escape.

published on : 7th May 2022

Russia labels Navalny allies, rapper 'foreign agents'

"Foreign agents" are subject to numerous constraints and laborious procedures, or they face heavy penalties. They must indicate this status in all their publications. 

published on : 7th May 2022

Ukrainian official accuses Russia of war crimes 

She said Russia also has kidnapped Ukrainian children and taken them to Russian-occupied territories and now Russia itself.

published on : 3rd May 2022

Ukrainians plead for Mariupol rescue; Russian advance crawls

Ukraine has not said how many fighters are also in the plant, the only part of Mariupol not occupied by Russian forces, but Russia put the number at about 2,000.

published on : 1st May 2022

Explosions rock Kyiv again as Russians rain fire on Ukraine

Nearly a dozen people were wounded in the attack on Kyiv, including one who lost a leg and others who were trapped in the rubble when two buildings were hit, rescue officials said.

published on : 29th April 2022

US urges more arms for Ukraine amid fears of expanding war

Russian advances and heavy fighting were reported in the Donbas, with one town, Kreminna, apparently falling after days of street-by-street fighting, according to the British military.

published on : 27th April 2022
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