Syam Pushkaran

'One of our basic visual references was Delhi Crime': 'Thankam' cinematographer Gautham Sankar

The cinematographer shares how observing the work of writer Syam Pushkaran and director Saheed Arafath was the equivalent of attending a film school.

published on : 31st January 2023

'Thankam' movie review: Fairly grim and engaging investigative procedural

Like any of Syam Pushkaran’s previous works, Thankam is a film that relishes spending time with its characters

published on : 28th January 2023

Syam Pushkaran confirms teaming up with Mohanlal 

Ever since Syam’s revelation, Mohanlal fans on social media have been highly excited.

published on : 24th January 2023

'Thankam' trailer review: Syam Pushkaran creates a thriller

In the trailer, Vineeth Sreenivasan is a man on the run with some ‘items’, and an investigation team from Mumbai is behind him.

published on : 19th January 2023