Telangana Omicron case

COVID-19: 'Dry cough means Delta and wet can be Omicron', say experts

The other crucial indicators of Omicron are fever not beyond 101 degrees for less than five days and headaches that are stabbing, and a scratchy throat.

published on : 15th January 2022

Should you take the cocktail shot?

As the world stands divided on this, city doctors share if monoclonal antibody therapy is a viable solution

published on : 12th January 2022

87 per cent of COVID positive samples in Telangana are of Omicron as variant replaces Delta

These findings are in line with the international sequencing results wherein 90 per cent of the samples are of Omicron variant. 

published on : 12th January 2022

Rising Covid cases in Telangana may lead to spurt in hospitalisations  

The rise in active cases has been so dramatic that 3,645 of these 6,168 cases were reported in the last five days, which indicates the exponential rise in infections. 

published on : 6th January 2022

Steady rise of Covid cases in Telangana

On Dec 30, the state recorded 280 cases, the highest in December and the weekly caseload was 1,336 cases.

published on : 31st December 2021

Omicron impact mild in Telangana so far, can be treated with basic medicines: Doctors 

No patient in Telangana has required oxygen; all are largely asymptomatic

published on : 30th December 2021

Cause for concern: Telangana yet to decide on testing domestic air travellers

While random RT-PCR tests are being conducted on two per cent of international flyers, there are no such tests for domestic passengers. 

published on : 30th December 2021

12 new Omicron cases in Telangana

Of these 12, 10 were cases from ‘Not at risk’ countries, while two were primary contacts of Omicron patients.

published on : 28th December 2021

Frontline workers in Telangana vulnerable due to lack of booster shots, protocols

The worry is that a year has passed since most of the frontline workers received their first dose, the acquired immunity is likely lost, and they are all virtually defenseless to fight a new infection

published on : 23rd December 2021

14 fresh cases take Omicron tally to 38 in Telangana

The day also saw four more individuals testing positive for Covid-19 at the RGI Airport and their samples have now been sent for genome sequencing.

published on : 23rd December 2021

Hyderabad oncologist tests positive for Omicron, 4 new cases in Telangana

Meanwhile, the number of Omicron cases in Telangana rose to 24 after four more patients tested positive for the variant.

published on : 22nd December 2021

Telangana sees first known case of local transmission of Omicron

One family member of the said Oncologist is also positive and others are in the process of being tested. 

published on : 21st December 2021

Oncologist attends to international flyer, tests positive for Covid

The oncologist became the primary contact of Omicron-affected international traveller when the latter consulted him for cancer treatment on December 16.

published on : 20th December 2021

2 new cases take Omicron patient count to 8 in Telangana

The major concern is that six out of the eight Omicron positive cases are from countries not categorised as at-risk countries by Telangana's Director of Public Health.

published on : 18th December 2021

Hyderabad health officials turn detectives, work through the night to trace Omicron patients

The Health officials had received the test results from the labs late on Tuesday, and immediately tried to reach the two patients, only to find the contact and addresses incorrect.

published on : 16th December 2021