Top Gun

Actor Miles Teller in talks with Tom Cruise for 'Top Gun: Maverick' sequel

Hollywood actor Miles Teller said, "I've been having some conversations with him (Tom Cruise) about it. We'll see."

published on : 11th July 2022

Top Gun was life-changing for me: Tom Cruise on sequel come back 

Tom Cruise talks about his Top Gun return, how he has worked years to make the sequel a reality, and how fans never let him forget all his famous lines and moments from the original 36 years ago

published on : 10th July 2022

Tom Cruise's 'Top Gun: Maverick' hits USD 1 billion in 31 days at global box office

This is also the first time Tom Cruise has hit that milestone in his 40-year-long career.

published on : 27th June 2022

'Top Gun: Maverick' is unstoppable, jets past USD 400 million mark in US

With $401.8 million in North American ticket sales, Tom Cruise's patriotic blockbuster has surpassed 'Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness' ($398 million) to claim the No. 1 spot.

published on : 15th June 2022

Tom Cruise had no problem pushing 'Top Gun: Maverick' cast

The movie sees Cruise's alter ego reunite with Val Kilmer's Tom 'Iceman' Kazansky and the actor has urged audiences to watch Kilmer's performance in the film.

published on : 1st June 2022

'Top Gun: Maverick' wins Tom Cruise 1st USD 100 million opening

Though undeniably one of the biggest stars in the world — perhaps even “the last movie star,” according to various headlines — Cruise is not known for massive blockbuster openings.

published on : 30th May 2022

Movie Review| Top Gun: Maverick: This glorious sequel soars to new heights

Still a captain, you might assume that the cocky ways of Maverick are long gone.

published on : 28th May 2022

Wanted 'Maverick' to feel like 'Top Gun' sequel and also tell our ownstory: Joseph Kosinski

The much-awaited follow-up brings back Cruise as Pete "Maverick" Mitchell, the suave and daring US Navy aviator, alongside newcomers like Miles Teller, Jennifer Connelly and Jon Hamm.

published on : 25th May 2022

Doctor Strange' remains atop box office as 'Top Gun' looms

“Top Gun” represents two seemingly fading phenomena — the major movie star and the big-screen-only experience, for which Cruise has been a tireless ambassador.

published on : 23rd May 2022

Tom Cruise reveals 'life-changing' role in 'Top Gun'

Hollywood actor Tom Cruise says landing the role of Navy pilot Pete 'Maverick' Mitchell in 'Top Gun' was 'life-changing'.

published on : 22nd May 2022

INTERVIEW| Miles Teller on 'Top Gun Maverick': Was nervous to lend myself to this world

Teller, 35, said he was "apprehensive" about joining the sequel, which was mounted on a big scale as he has always focused on doing "smaller-scale things" in his career.

published on : 12th May 2022

'Top Gun: Maverick' to screen at Cannes Film Festival 2022

Festival sources told The Hollywood Reporter, the much-awaited action spectacle will open at Cannes in advance of its Memorial Day premiere in theatres.

published on : 15th March 2022