Trump administration

Trump administration ends freeze on USD 100 million in Lebanon aid

The Trump administration has been tight-lipped on the reason for the hold-up in support for Lebanon but has been pressing the government to distance itself from Hezbollah.

published on : 3rd December 2019

Trump Administration approves sale of USD 1 billion worth of naval guns to India

With this, India has become one of the few countries that the US decided to sell its latest version (Mod 4) of its naval guns.

published on : 20th November 2019

US likely to add asylum-seekers' DNA samples to FBI database

'That could really change the purpose of DNA collection from one of criminal investigation to population surveillance,' American Civil Liberties Union attorney Vera Eidleman said. 

published on : 21st October 2019

Trump administration give taxpayer-funded clinics time to enforce new restrictive abortion laws 

Under the Trump administration rule, clinics will be restricted in how they can discuss abortion as an option with pregnant women.

published on : 21st July 2019

Hafiz Saeed is terrorist leader designated by UN and US: Trump admin

Hafiz Saeed carries a bounty of USD 10 million announced by the US for his role in terror activities, has been under detention since January this year.

published on : 23rd November 2017

Donald Trump throws future of Iran deal to Congress

The agreement was signed between Iran and six world powers, Britain, China, France, Germany, Russia and the US, at talks coordinated by the European Union.

published on : 13th October 2017

House panel unveils USD 1.6 billion plan for building US-Mexico wall but Mexico is not paying for it

A House panel has unveiled legislation to begin building President Donald Trump's long promised wall along the US-Mexico border. Mexico, however, will not be footing the bill.

published on : 12th July 2017

US wants PhDs and not mid-level workers under H-1B visa programme: Senator

H-1B work visa and employment-based green card categories are often not consistent with their purposes as they do not bring in computer scientists but only mid-level management workers, sources said.

published on : 9th March 2017

Absurd to correlate Kansas shooting and President Trump's remarks on immigrants: White House

The Trump administration has dismissed as "absurd" any correlation between Trump's remarks on immigrants and the Kansas shooting incident that resulted in the death of an Indian engineer.

published on : 25th February 2017