US election 2020

Donald Trump fires top Homeland Security official who said election was most secure in US history

Trump said that the only thing secure about the election was that it was virtually impenetrable by foreign powers.

published on : 18th November 2020

Denying Biden victory, Pompeo heads to Europe, Mideast

The seven-nation trip is aimed at shoring up the outgoing Trump administration’s priorities, notably its anti-China and -Iran policies

published on : 13th November 2020

Japanese company busy making Joe Biden rubber masks

Workers in Saitama, a city north of Tokyo, mold rubber to form a likeness of Biden's face, while features including his pearly white teeth and blue eyes are hand-painted.

published on : 11th November 2020

Trump, who never admits defeat, mulls how to keep up fight

Trump is not expected to formally concede, according to people close to him, but is likely to grudgingly vacate the White House at the end of his term.

published on : 9th November 2020

No more love for 'thug' Kim Jong Un: Biden win to change US-North Korea dynamic

Trump's bizarre diplomatic engagement with Pyongyang veered from mutual insults and threats of war to "love letters" and the first-ever meeting between a sitting US president and a North Korean leader

published on : 9th November 2020

Iraq's pro-Iran factions see smoother sailing with Biden at helm

Iraqi factions supported by Tehran are hoping Biden could roll back Trump's policies, which included bombing hardline groups and slapping sanctions on pro-Iran figures.

published on : 9th November 2020

Putin awaiting official US result to congratulate winner: Kremlin

Many world leaders congratulated President-elect Joe Biden after he took an insurmountable lead over Donald Trump in the vote count.

published on : 9th November 2020

COVID-19, economic recovery, racial equality and climate change top priorities for Biden, Harris

Biden's win in the key battleground state put him over the threshold of 270 electoral votes, cutting off all avenues for his opponent, incumbent Republican President Donald Trump.

published on : 9th November 2020

China holding off sending congratulations in US election

China has had a fractious relationship with President Donald Trump, characterized by growing friction over trade, technology and competition for influence in Asia and the world.

published on : 9th November 2020

Donald Trump considers how to keep up fight, find a graceful exit

Trump is not expected to ever formally concede, according to people close to him, but is likely to grudgingly vacate the White House at the end of his term.

published on : 8th November 2020

Trump's chief of staff tests COVID positive as US sets daily record of virus cases amid election anxiety

The United States has set a third straight daily record for new Covid-19 infections, notching more than 127,000 cases, John Hopkins University reported Friday.

published on : 7th November 2020

US Elections 2020: Armed man arrested in Philadelphia amid plot to attack vote-counting center

Currently, Trump is leading the state by a thin margin with over 90 per cent votes tabulated.

published on : 6th November 2020

US Election 2020 Results HIGHLIGHTS: Joe Biden to be 46th President, Kamala Harris first female VP

Joe Biden is set to be the 46th President of the United States by defeating Donald Trump and Kamala Harris said to be the Vice President, the first woman to hold that office in history of US.

published on : 5th November 2020

Legal armies ready if cloudy election outcome heads to court

Both sides say they're ready, with thousands of lawyers on standby to march into court to make sure ballots get counted, or excluded.

published on : 2nd November 2020

Worst place, worst time: Trump faces virus spike in Midwest

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported Sunday that among U.S. states, Wisconsin had the third highest rate of new cases for the previous seven days. Iowa was 10th.

published on : 27th October 2020
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