US immigration policy

Indian talent moving to Canada due to outdated US immigration policies: Experts

Numerical restrictions on high-skilled temporary visas block the vast majority of foreign-born applicants from working in America in a given year.

published on : 15th July 2021

Trump attacks Biden administration as US faces influx of migrants at southern border

Trump said there is a 'huge cover-up to hide just how bad things truly are' and that the current US border crisis is a 'total failure' of the Biden administration.

published on : 22nd March 2021

Will introduce immigration bill 'immediately' after taking office, says US President-elect Joe Biden

Reversing the Trump administration's "cruel" immigration policies was Biden's one of the key election promises.

published on : 9th January 2021

H-1B visa application process to begin from Monday; to face unprecedented scrutiny

Chatter at various social media platforms and groups indicate that immigration attorneys this time expect a much high rate of rejection.

published on : 1st April 2018

'Set politics aside': Trump calls for overhaul of US immigration system in first State of Union Address

Trump opened his first State of the Union address Tuesday night by recognizing the bravery of Americans who helped each other through a series of devastating hurricanes, wildfires and mass shootings.

published on : 31st January 2018

Merit-based system: Trump administration's 'must list' for immigrants

Trump administration has no qualms admitting immigrants who are skilled, employed and can speak English, a top official has said.

published on : 17th January 2018

Trump warns of immigration threat to national security

Trump said that America's current immigration system weakens national security, as his administration sought Supreme Court backing to lift protections shielding 700,000 Dreamer immigrants.

published on : 17th January 2018