What’s cooking in 2022?

From going back to unprocessed foods and experimenting with molecular gastronomy to reviving the Dakhini cuisine, here are the food trends that Hyderabad is likely to see this year

published on : 1st January 2022

Going & growing green

Vegan brands in Hyderabad seek to make veganism more accessible and affordable

published on : 7th December 2021

Hyderabad’s first vegan market a big hit

The market featured an interesting mix of exhibitors who showcased and sold microgreens, fresh veggies, healthy snacks to mock meat, ice creams, dairy alternatives, vegan sweets, desserts and more.

published on : 6th December 2021

Green touch

In recent times, Bengaluru is witnessing a rise in the plant-based dining scene

published on : 6th December 2021

Clean & green skincare

We thought why not make a single product that tackles multiple problems and gives several benefits, says Samhitha Inturi, the owner of Hyderabad’s first clean, vegan and gender-neutral beauty brand.

published on : 30th November 2021

Innovating with protein to promote veganism

Also, the missing umami, which is essentially the taste and texture of meat, may be off-putting to many. 

published on : 3rd November 2021

Feel-good scoops

First observed to commemorate the 50th founding day of The Vegan Society, UK, November 1 is annually celebrated as World Vegan Day.

published on : 1st November 2021

Fun, fit and festive

This cafe is offering a subscription-based vegan meal plan, to give Bengalureans an introduction to healthy living.

published on : 25th October 2021

Green trends 

From a specially-curated vegan market to the country’s first vegan hospitality consultant... Bengaluru is becoming a flagship space for vegans. Here’s why

published on : 27th September 2021

Never claimed to be vegan: Virat Kohli clears air on his diet

In the 'Ask Me Anything' session last week on Instagram, the Indian skipper had answered a question from a fan which sparked a debate on various social media platforms.

published on : 1st June 2021

PETA India asks Amul to switch to producing vegan milk

In a letter to Amul Managing Director R S Sodhi, PETA said the dairy cooperative society should get benefitted from the booming vegan food and milk market.

published on : 28th May 2021

Sthitaprajna : How an accountant brought a three-acre forest to life

Deers, nilgais, pigs, wild boars, monkeys, porcupines, peacocks and rabbits are often spotted.

published on : 21st April 2019