Venezuela President

'Attack' on Venezuelan President Maduro brings denials from US, Colombia; support from allies

Last year, the European Union hit the Venezuelan vice-president and 10 other officials with sanctions over rights abuses and irregularities in the re-election of Maduro.

published on : 6th August 2018

Grenades, a raid and now a drone: List of incidents targeting Venezuelan President Maduro

Maduro said he had escaped an "assassination" attempt using an explosive-laden drone during a Caracas military parade, which the government said injured seven soldiers.

published on : 5th August 2018

Mysterious rebel group claims Venezuela President Maduro 'assassination' attempt: Statement

Maduro accused neighboring Colombia and unidentified "financiers" in the United States of being behind the blast, while some of his officials blamed Venezuela's opposition.

published on : 5th August 2018

US imposes sanctions on Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro

The US on Monday branded the Venezuelan President a "dictator" threatening his country's democracy and imposed sanctions targeting any assets he might hold on US territory.

published on : 1st August 2017

Venezuela attorney general says won't recognise new constituent assembly

Luisa Ortega said on Monday that she will not recognise a new assembly voted in on the weekend, calling it an expression of "dictatorial ambition".

published on : 1st August 2017

President Maduro snubbed as Venezuelans stay away from polls to protest government vote

President Maduro called the vote for a constitutional assembly in May after a month of protests against his government, post-Venezuela's descent into crisis during its four years in power.

published on : 31st July 2017

Venezuela President Maduro casts unusual vote, decries 'terrorism'

Accompanied by close advisors and state media, Maduro voted at 6:05 a.m. local time, far earlier and less publicly than in previous elections.

published on : 30th July 2017