Venezuela election

Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro scores major win in regional vote: Election officials

Candidates aligned with Maduro have won 20 of the 23 governor posts and the mayorship of the capital Caracas in the face of a divided opposition running in an election for the first time in 3 years.

published on : 22nd November 2021

Venezuela attorney general says won't recognise new constituent assembly

Luisa Ortega said on Monday that she will not recognise a new assembly voted in on the weekend, calling it an expression of "dictatorial ambition".

published on : 1st August 2017

Venezuela controversial election triggers deadly 'war' in the streets

The escalation of deadly violence left at least six people dead overnight and into Sunday, according to prosecutors, adding to a four-month death toll approaching 120.

published on : 31st July 2017

Venezuela President Maduro casts unusual vote, decries 'terrorism'

Accompanied by close advisors and state media, Maduro voted at 6:05 a.m. local time, far earlier and less publicly than in previous elections.

published on : 30th July 2017

Candidate killed as violence erupts in controversial Venezuela election

39-year-old lawyer Jose Felix Pineda, was killed from multiple shots fired by assailants who broke into his home overnight, prosecutors said.

published on : 30th July 2017