Early signs of water contamination were ignored: Makarabbi villagers

It was in early September that the first person got sick after consuming contaminated water, but the local administration did not react till over 100 people got admitted to various hospitals, they say

published on : 8th October 2021

Karnataka govt to probe water contamination deaths in Vijayanagara

The State Government on Tuesday ordered a probe into deaths due to consumption of contaminated water at Makarabbi village of Vijayanagara district over the last two weeks. 

published on : 6th October 2021

Vijayanagara: Three die of water contamination, temporary hospital set up

On Tuesday, there were reports of another death, but the exact cause is yet to be confirmed.

published on : 6th October 2021

Bommai to declare Vijayanagara as 31st district in Karnataka on Saturday

Karnataka’s 31st district of Vijayanagara will be officially unveiled by Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai on October 2 (Gandhi Jayanti).

published on : 2nd October 2021

Vijayanagara era temple found in Andhra's Chittoor district

Archaeologists said the temple was a temporary resting place for a Parasurameswara idol during his wedding ceremonial procession every year, which stopped after the collapse of the kingdom in 1565 AD.

published on : 11th August 2021

The only surviving Vijayanagara paintings in Hampi

The Vijayanagara kings continued the patronisation of the mural painting tradition as foreign travel accounts about Hampi say that many temples and palaces were decorated with paintings.

published on : 10th June 2021