Vladimir Putin

Putin comments on Sweden, Finland in NATO 

Putin was speaking at a summit in Moscow of the Russia-led Collective Security Treaty Organization, which includes five other ex-Soviet countries.

published on : 16th May 2022

Russian President Vladimir Putin 'seriously ill with blood cancer': Reports

"As a result, we will renew Ukrainian power in all our territories," he added. It was also claimed by an unnamed Russian oligarch that Putin is "very ill with blood cancer", the Daily Mail reported.

published on : 16th May 2022

Putin warns Finland NATO membership would harm relations

Response came after Niinisto told Putin that militarily non-aligned Nordic country, which has complex history with its huge eastern neighbor, "will decide to apply for NATO membership in coming days"

published on : 15th May 2022

Finnish President Sauli Niinisto, Putin discuss NATO membership

Finland "wants to take care of the practical questions arising from being a neighbour of Russia in a correct and professional manner," Niinisto said.

published on : 14th May 2022

UK adds Russian President Putin's ex-wife, alleged girlfriend to sanctions list 

The UK government on Friday added further names to its list of financial sanctions aimed at Russian President Vladimir Putin.

published on : 14th May 2022

Russia car sales sink 78.5 per cent in April

Renault is under intense pressure to boycott Russia over Ukraine and is said to be in talk to sell its majority stake in Russia's largest carmaker.

published on : 11th May 2022

House approves USD 40 billion in Ukraine aid, beefing up Biden request 

The bill would give Ukraine military and economic assistance, help regional allies, replenish weapons the Pentagon has shipped overseas.

published on : 11th May 2022

Russia marks WWII victory shadowed by Ukraine

This year, as Russian troops fight gruelling battles in Ukraine and unleash torrents of missiles and bombs, few Russians are likely to be dulled by the parade’s rituals.

published on : 9th May 2022

'Seemed like goodbye': Mariupol defenders in Ukraine make their stand

The bloody battle came amid growing speculation that President Vladimir Putin wants to present the Russian people with a battlefield triumph.

published on : 6th May 2022

UN chief urges end to senseless, ruthless war in Ukraine

The UN Security Council meeting on the protection of civilians and civilian infrastructure in Ukraine heard a briefing from Guterres on his recent meetings with the Russian and Ukrainian presidents.

published on : 6th May 2022

Putin, Zelensky to be at G20 meet, says host

Indonesia’s President Joko Widodo said that he invited Putin and Zelenskyy to the G20 summit as the war in Ukraine has a major impact on the global economy.

published on : 29th April 2022

European nations accuse Russia of natural gas 'blackmail'

If the countries siphon off gas intended for other European customers, deliveries to Europe will be reduced by that amount, the company said.

published on : 28th April 2022

France's victorious Macron boosts weapons, stakes in Ukraine

Used to great effect against Islamic State forces in Iraq and in other conflicts, they represent a step up in France's assistance to President Volodymyr Zelenskyy's government.

published on : 26th April 2022

Putin gets what he didn't want: Ukraine army closer to West

The goal, Austin said, is not just to support Ukrainian defenses but to help them prevail against a larger invading force.

published on : 26th April 2022

Russian advance in Ukraine slow; US says Moscow 'is failing'

With Russia's shift in focus, Austin said Ukraine's military needs are changing, and Zelenskyy is now focused on more tanks, artillery and other munitions.

published on : 25th April 2022
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