Volcanic eruption

Indonesia's Merapi volcano unleashes lava, hundreds evacuate

Mount Merapi is the most active of more than 120 active volcanoes in Indonesia and has repeatedly erupted with lava and gas clouds recently.

published on : 10th March 2022

Tonga needs over USD 90 million to start repairs from volcanic eruption

The eruption left a thick layer of volcanic ash blanketing Tonga’s main island, tainting much of its drinking water, several small settlements on outlying islands were wiped out.

published on : 17th February 2022

International aid reaches Tonga with clean water, supplies

The main airport runway has been cleared of ash spewed when the nearby Hunga Tonga Hunga Ha’apai volcano erupted a week ago.

published on : 23rd January 2022

First aid flight leaves for Tonga after big volcano eruption

U.N. humanitarian officials report that about 84,000 people more than 80% of Tonga’s population have been impacted by the volcano’s eruption.

published on : 20th January 2022

Flights sent to assess Tonga damage after volcanic eruption

A towering ash cloud that has engulfed the islands since the volcanic eruption on January 15 had prevented earlier flights.

published on : 17th January 2022

Tonga volcanic eruption shockwaves felt in India too

In fact, almost 12 hours after that, i.e., on Sunday morning, an amateur weather enthusiast from Goa, Atul Naik, posted on Twitter another graph that showed the second peak too.

published on : 17th January 2022

Pacific tsunami threat recedes, volcano ash hinders response

Satellite images showed the spectacular eruption that took place Saturday evening, with a plume of ash, steam and gas rising like a mushroom above the blue Pacific waters.

published on : 16th January 2022

Tsunami hits Tonga after giant undersea volcanic eruption

Satellite images showed a huge eruption, a plume of ash, steam and gas captured from the space rising like a mushroom above the blue Pacific waters.

published on : 15th January 2022

Undersea Pacific volcano erupts near Tonga, tsunami warning put in force

Video posted to social media showed large waves washing ashore in coastal areas. The Tonga Meteorological Services said a tsunami warning had been put in force for all of Tonga.

published on : 15th January 2022

Death count rises to 34, rescue ops continue post Mount Semeru volcanic eruption in Indonesia

Mount Semeru on the island of Java ejected volcanic ash high into the sky and rained hot mud on Saturday.

published on : 7th December 2021

Indonesia's Mount Semeru volcano erupts, spews huge ash cloud

Mount Semeru’s sudden eruption in Lumajang district in East Java province left several villages around its slopes blanketed with falling ash.

published on : 4th December 2021

Lava flow from Spanish island volcano likened to a tsunami

The volcano that erupted on La Palma has coughed up ocean sediment that pre-dates the island’s formation 2 million years ago, Vicente Soler of Spain’s Higher Center for Scientific Research said.

published on : 15th October 2021

Lava from Spain's La Palma island eruption reaches the Atlantic Ocean

On the way down from the Cumbre Vieja volcanic ridge, the flows have consumed at least 656 buildings, mostly homes that turned out to be in its unstoppable march to the sea.

published on : 29th September 2021

Indonesian authorities extend Bali airport closure over volcanic ash

Indonesian authorities on Tuesday extended the closure of the international airport on the resort island of Bali for a second day over fears of a volcanic eruption.

published on : 28th November 2017

A list of Indonesia's most deadly volcanic eruptions over the past 200 years

Indonesia, where nearly 50,000 people have been evacuated over fears of an imminent volcanic eruption at Mount Agung on Bali, is the world's most volcanic region with 129 active volcanoes.

published on : 25th September 2017