CoinSwitch launches Web3 Discovery Fund, to invest in 100 Indian start-ups

Web3 Discovery Fund will be an active investor and provide strategic support for the rapid growth of the portfolio start-ups.

published on : 9th August 2022

Centre has created new opportunities for private sector to make products done earlier only by PSUs: FM Sitharaman

Appreciating the startups in Coimbatore, Sitharaman suggested they utilise the 'Web3 world' to develop their businesses and take the country forward by taking up core sector projects.

published on : 9th May 2022

Fighting Myopia, Shaping the Future

It’s too slow! You can’t type with only your thumbs! What’s the point of having a GPS in your pocket! Too complicated!

published on : 3rd April 2022

Fad or the Future? Introducing Web3.  

Simply put, Web3 is said to be the next iteration of the internet... Ok, that’s a loaded statement, so let’s unpack it, starting with the nomenclature.

published on : 6th February 2022

Signal and Noise: An introduction from a Web3 enthusiast

The sheer amount of information has made it incredibly difficult to differentiate between truth (Signal), and everything else (Noise). But there is a way you can teach yourself to be aware...

published on : 2nd January 2022