Climate change, health care, deficit reduction scores big in Biden's bill

Here's what's in the estimated $740 billion package — made up of $440 billion in new spending and $300 billion toward easing deficits— that is up for final approval Friday in the House.

published on : 12th August 2022

Whites-only town booms in 'Rainbow Nation' South Africa

Orania is a whites-only town in a country that has declared an end to racial segregation. The history of this incongruity dates back to 1991 when apartheid was in its death throes.

published on : 11th August 2022

New Zealand cricketer Ross Taylor says he faced racism in his autobiography 'Black and White'

In his autobiography "Black and White" released on Thursday, the legendary batsman says he endured racially barbed comments from teammates but does not specify at what level of the game in New Zealand

published on : 11th August 2022

China issues white paper, warns it will not tolerate Taiwan 'separatists'

China's Taiwan Affairs Office on Wednesday issued a white paper laying out how it intends to claim the island through a range of economic incentives and military pressure.

published on : 10th August 2022

Trump says he's testifying Wednesday in NY investigation

The Republican billionaire’s deposition — a legal term for sworn testimony that’s not given in court — is one of the few remaining missing pieces, the attorney general’s office said.

published on : 10th August 2022

Did Trump break the law? FBI search raises fresh questions

It remains to be seen what arguments Trump might raise as the investigation progresses. Much remains uncertain about Monday's search, including precisely what documents the FBI was looking for.

published on : 10th August 2022

Biden to sign USD 280 billion CHIPS act in bid to boost US over China

"We are going to invest it in America," Biden said on Friday. "We're going to make it in America. We're going to win the economic competition of the 21st century in America."

published on : 9th August 2022

Trump says FBI conducted search at his Mar-a-Lago estate  

The search intensifies the months-long probe into how classified documents ended up in more than a dozen boxes located at Mar-a-Lago earlier this year.

published on : 9th August 2022

Hulu confirms Keanu Reeves' casting in 'The Devil in the White City' series 

The big-budget project has been in development since DiCaprio bought the film rights to the book in 2010 and previously set it up as a feature at Paramount with Scorsese to direct.

published on : 5th August 2022

Release white paper on Polavaram: Undavalli

He took strong exception to the State government’s remarks that the construction of the diaphragm wall before building the cofferdam by the previous regime was a mistake.

published on : 4th August 2022

Bringing home the holidays

Mediterranean, Sri Lankan and Balinese styles are making their way into the abodes of B’lureans who are including elements of their favourite country.

published on : 4th August 2022

Drive for delivery agents by Whitefield traffic police to stop encroaching footpaths, roads

Sandeep Anirudhan, the founder of Namma Whitefield Federation of Residents and RWAs in the area, said that residents complained about the numerous times they had faced inconvenience.

published on : 3rd August 2022

White House warns Beijing against turning Pelosi Taiwan visit into a 'crisis'

Media reports have said that Pelosi, currently on an official Asia tour, will stop off in Taiwan and meet President Tsai Ing-wen on Wednesday -- if so, the highest-level US visit to Taipei in decades.

published on : 2nd August 2022

Biden emerges from covid isolation, asks public to take booster shots

“You can live without fear by doing what I did,” he said. "Get boosted, get tested and get treatment.”

published on : 28th July 2022

Jared Kushner says he was diagnosed with thyroid cancer while in White House

The NYT report said that Kushner's thyroid cancer was detected in October 2019, as he was involved in discussions over a trade deal with China.

published on : 26th July 2022

White House announces $270M military package for Ukraine

Ukrainian forces have used U.S.-made rocket launchers and tactical drones to destroy dozens of Russian targets and hold at bay Russia’s larger and more heavily equipped forces.

published on : 23rd July 2022

Trump slams 'kangaroo court' probing his Capitol riot inaction

Across eight hearings, the committee built a case that Trump helped orchestrate the deadly riot, refused for hours to urge his supporters to go home, and is no longer fit to hold office.

published on : 23rd July 2022

Crime graph up, rape cases rise by 11 per cent in Odisha: White Paper

The White Paper for 2021 was tabled in the Assembly ahead of discussion on demand for expenditure of the Home department.

published on : 21st July 2022

Dear departed: Viral visualisation of loss and confinement in time of global pandemic 

Firstenberg’s flags formed a Covid obituary by the artist who related numbers to victims.

published on : 17th July 2022

Capitol Riot: More turning up with evidence against Trump

The committee also has been reviewing new documentary film footage of Trump’s final months in office, including interviews with Trump and members of his family.

published on : 5th July 2022
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