breast cancer

Virtual run for breast cancer awareness

The virtual-run platform from Gurugram Run2Beat wants to create awareness of early diagnosis of breast cancer

published on : 19th October 2020

Book released at Chennai's Stanley Hospital to raise awareness on breast cancer

Close to hundred doctors participated in the event and all of them wore pink sarees to create awareness about breast cancer. Patients who recovered from it too participated.

published on : 13th October 2020

Incidence of breast cancer high among women in Chennai: Study

Experts say lifestyle changes as one of the reasons behind rise; women above 30 urged to take regular check-ups.

published on : 13th October 2020

It is possible to beat stage 4 breast cancer, say experts

Though Noida based Ruchi Dhawan’s cancer relapsed twice, in 2014 and 2019, the disease has been well controlled over the years.

published on : 9th October 2020

Breast cancer: Single-dose radiotherapy as effective as multiple sessions, shows research  

In India, where the disease pushes thousands into poverty each year, this would also translate into lower costs of treatment and lower death rates.

published on : 20th August 2020

India will see nearly 14 lakh new cancer cases this year, says report

The report said that one in 68 males (lung cancer), 1 in 29 females (breast cancer), and 1 in 9 Indians will develop cancer during their lifetime between 0-74 years of age.

published on : 18th July 2020

Artificial light at night linked to high breast cancer risk

The research team looked at cases of breast cancer in women over a 16-year period and took other controlling factors into account.

published on : 6th June 2020

Shannen Doherty reveals she has stage four breast cancer

The 48-year old has been quite vocal and transparent about her struggles, as in 2017 she first broke the news about her breast cancer which has now progressed to stage four.

published on : 5th February 2020

How breast cancer is gender neutral?

Breast cancer in a male relative puts the whole family at risk

published on : 21st December 2019

Breast and cervical cancers on the rise in Kerala, says Health Ministry

Consumption of pesticide-laced vegetables could be a reason for rising number of cases, say docs

published on : 21st December 2019

After 2D, now 3D screening device for breast cancer

Earlier, Seema along with her colleagues had developed a device that could generate two-dimensional images of the breast.

published on : 17th December 2019

Infertility in women may increase risk of early death: Study

While it is not known for sure what links infertility and early mortality, the stark association with breast cancer points strongly towards hormone-related disorders.

published on : 31st October 2017

Seinfeld, Veep star Julia Louis-Dreyfus diagnosed with breast cancer

Actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who won the Emmy for her portrayal of Selina Meyer in the comedy series "Veep", has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

published on : 29th September 2017

New potential breast cancer drug identified

Scientists, including an Indian- American researcher, have identified a molecule that can help treat breast cancer, giving hope to patients who have become resistant to traditional therapies.

published on : 18th August 2017