capitol riots

Trump allies seek to rewrite January 6 Capitol rally by exalting rioters

The brazen rhetoric ahead of a rally planned for Saturday at the Capitol is the latest attempt to explain away the horrific assault and obscure what played out for all the world to see.

published on : 13th September 2021

Capitol Police recommend January 6 officers for discipline

The department's Office of Professional Responsibility opened 38 internal investigations and was able to identify 26 of the officers involved, the police said in a statement.

published on : 12th September 2021

Are Jan. 6 rioters traitors? So far, criminal charges say no

Legal scholars say that sedition charges could be justified but that prosecutors may be reluctant to bring them because of their complexity and the difficulty historically in securing convictions.

published on : 13th July 2021

Putin likens Russian crackdown to arresting Capitol rioters

Putin is likely to come under strong criticism from Biden at their meeting in Geneva for moves against his political opponents in Russia,.

published on : 14th June 2021

The mob made me do it: Rioters claim Jan. 6 crowd at fault

Social scientists have long observed how individuals can act in ways they never would on their own when they are in crowds of like-minded people who are whipped into a frenzy. 

published on : 23rd May 2021

US Capitol riots: Donald Trump administration officials to testify

Defense Secretary Christopher Miller will tell the House Oversight Committee that he was concerned before the insurrection that sending troops to the building could fan fears of a militar coup

published on : 12th May 2021

Apple signals return of right-wing 'free speech' app Parler

Apple declined to comment beyond the letter, which didn't provide details on how Parler plans to moderate such content.

published on : 20th April 2021

Broad missteps left Capitol Police unprepared January 6: Report

Bolton found that in many cases department equipment had expired but was not replaced and some of it was more than 20 years old.

published on : 14th April 2021

US Capitol riots: Some suspects apologise as consequences sink in, Jacob Chansley writes from jail

Confronted with compelling video and photographic evidence in court, dozens of rioters have apologized and expressed regret as the consequences of their actions have started to sink in.

published on : 31st March 2021

Former US President Donald Trump defends Capitol rioters, says there was 'zero threat'

Former President Donald Trump did acknowledge that those who stormed the Capitol went in and they shouldn’t have done it.

published on : 26th March 2021

Police maced, trampled: New documents show depth of chaos in January 6 US Capitol riots

The memo is one of hundreds of emails, texts, photos and documents obtained by The Associated Press through 35 Freedom of Information requests to Capitol area law enforcement agencies.

published on : 5th March 2021