corporal punishment

Karnataka: Violence, not the answer for teachers to punish students

A first standard student did not attend offline classes for two years and was promoted to fourth grade, resulting in a huge gap in concept development.

published on : 26th December 2022

Brutality not the solution to student indiscipline

Strangely, such tragedies continue to occur in these times of new awareness about the effects of such excesses and strict rules governing the behaviour of teachers.

published on : 1st December 2022

UP: Teacher hurts Class V student with drilling machine for failing to recite multiplication table

The instructor has been terminated from service and a panel has been constituted to probe into the incident of corporal punishment.

published on : 25th November 2022

Hit on neck by teacher, tribal girl hospitalised in Telangana

When contacted, the school headmaster Bhagyamma admitted that the Telugu teacher, Suri, had beaten Pravallika on her neck.

published on : 18th November 2022

Girl’s death at Bengaluru private school: Probe on, school says she was ill

Doctors said they found no external injuries and that she might have had a weak heart that could have contributed to her collapse.

published on : 6th November 2022

Telangana teacher canes students for wearing ‘muddy’ shoes

Following the DEO’s order, the MEO visited the school on Wednesday and talked to the students as well as the staff.

published on : 20th October 2022

Uttar Pradesh: Dalit teen thrashed by teacher for mispelling word dies 19 days later

The boy's father has lodged a complaint with the police stating that his son was beaten up by the teacher on September 7 with sticks and rods.

published on : 26th September 2022

Students stage stir over corporal punishment in Odisha

The students alleged that the teacher, after entering the classroom on Tuesday, noticed her name written on one of the benches and began blaming a student for it.

published on : 16th September 2022

2 students face wrath of teachers in Raghunathpur district, FIRs lodged

Despite a ban on corporal punishment in schools, cases of teachers beating up and injuring students in schools of the district have left the parents worried.

published on : 30th August 2022

UP boy beaten up by teacher for not paying fees, succumbs in hospital after 8 days

A case was lodged in the matter against the teacher under various relevant sections of IPC on the basis of a complaint submitted by the uncle of the 13-year-old victim.

published on : 19th August 2022

A Conscious Choice 

The painting and sculpture exhibition displayed at Goethe-Zentrum titled ‘Collective Conscience’ stirs our hearts in the farthest corner.

published on : 5th May 2022