Environmental activists take to increasingly eye-catching stunts to keep climate centre stage

"Civil disobedience attracts more attention than demonstrations," said sociologist Dieter Rucht.

published on : 25th June 2022

Police nabs 72-year-old man for Jama Masjid protest

He is accused of forcing shopkeepers in the area to shut shops in support of the protest held on June 10 at the Jama Masjid after the Friday prayers, police said.

published on : 16th June 2022

Debunking the ‘dress your age’ myth

When did you decide to start expressing yourself through your clothes?” This was the first question we asked former finance professional Poonam Lulla.

published on : 6th June 2022

Justice League: HC summons top officials over complaint of torment

Counsel for the petitioner informed the court that the officials were playing mischief with the petitioner for the last four years even after taking over his plot. 

published on : 31st March 2022

Catalan party threatens 'massive' civil disobedience as Spain standoff mounts

A far-left Catalan party today threatened "massive civil disobedience" if Spain dismisses the region's government to stave off its threat to declare independence.

published on : 23rd October 2017