gun control

President Biden unveils initial plans to curb growing gun violence in America

Biden had said that whether Congress acts or not, he was going to use all the resources at his disposal as President to keep the American people safe from gun violence.

published on : 9th April 2021

Democrats vow vote on gun bills; Joe Biden says 'we have to act'

President Joe Biden said "we have to act," but prospects for any major changes were dim, for now, in the closely divided Congress.

published on : 24th March 2021

The relentless cycle of school shootings in the United States: A timeline

There is roughly one school shooting a week in the United States, according to Everytown for Gun Safety, an organization that is pushing to limit the proliferation of firearms in the country.

published on : 19th May 2018

US school shootings rise rapidly in two decades: Study

Mass shootings at US schools are rising rapidly, killing more people in the last 18 years than in the entire 20th century.

published on : 20th April 2018

Five dead in California shootings, including gunman

Authorities say a series of shootings in rural Northern California left five people dead, including the shooter, and that two children were among the wounded.

published on : 15th November 2017

After Las Vegas massacre, US gun lobby backs calls for new curbs

US lawmakers bolstered efforts Thursday to ban devices used by the Las Vegas shooter to make his guns fire faster.

published on : 6th October 2017

Las Vegas shooting rekindles debate on gun control laws

Nearly 12,000 Americans have been killed by guns in 273 mass shootings in 2017 so far – one incident for each day.

published on : 3rd October 2017