gun laws

Residents in US' Texas can carry handguns sans permit, training from September 1

Goveror Abbot called it a measure of freedom and self-defence, while also connecting it to his ongoing fight with the Biden administration over the flow of migrants across the border with Mexico.

published on : 18th June 2021

President Biden unveils initial plans to curb growing gun violence in America

Biden had said that whether Congress acts or not, he was going to use all the resources at his disposal as President to keep the American people safe from gun violence.

published on : 9th April 2021

US gun violence: 15-year-old boy dies after being shot at school in Arkansas

The boy, identified by his family and the Watson Chapel School District as Daylon Burnett, died after two days under intensive care at Arkansas Children's Hospital in Little Rock.

published on : 4th March 2021

Texas Church shooting: FBI again finds itself unable to unlock a gunman's cellphone 

The Texas church massacre is providing a familiar frustration for law enforcement: FBI agents are unable to unlock the gunman's encrypted cellphone to learn what evidence it might hold.

published on : 8th November 2017