police brutality

US police brutality: 24-year-old Tyre Nichols beaten to death by Memphis cops

Another incident of police brutality against the blacks in the US has come to light. A video footage released by Memphis authorities showed Tyre Nichols being beaten up by cops for alleged traffic violation. The officers, some of whom were also Black, chased and repeatedly struck Nichols with their fists, boots and batons.

published on : 28th January 2023

Lucknow man shot dead: Deceased’s wife asks Yogi to visit her

Kalpana Tiwari, wife of deceased Vivek Tiwari, who was shot dead by a police constable in Lucknow’s Gomti Nagar area on September 28 said, “Police had no right to shoot my husband." 

published on : 29th September 2018