sanitary pads

Odisha’s Padwoman gifts ‘treasure kits’ to rural women

Entrepreneur Anushree Dash is running a campaign ‘Periods are Normal’ to create awareness on menstrual hygiene among women of Sundargarh district, writes Diana Sahu

published on : 29th August 2021

‘Me’ packets to help dispose of sanitary pads

This made us think about making people aware of the sustainable ways of disposing of sanitary napkins,” said Ishita.

published on : 17th August 2021

Menstrual waste disposal adding to India's environmental crisis: Study

The study reveals that most women are unaware that commonly available disposable sanitary napkins constitute 90 per cent plastic and they are adding to the plastic crisis.

published on : 3rd June 2021

Punjab to provide free sanitary pads to needy under new 'Udaan' scheme

On the launch ceremony, one lakh packets of sanitary pads were distributed at 1,500 online locations as well as at other Anganwari centres in the state, the statement said.

published on : 28th May 2021

Menstruation goes green in city

Forget chunky pads, stains and rashes, a group of city women are promoting the use of menstrual cups and cloth pads, which also have ecological benefits.

published on : 10th July 2017