solar eclipse

Out of the shadows

Earlier this week, along with the summer solstice, we saw a solar eclipse.

published on : 23rd June 2020

Temples across Telangana perform special rituals to ward off negative energy

All temples across the city were closed in the wake of the solar eclipse on Sunday.

published on : 22nd June 2020

Solar eclipse 2020: Bad weather disappoints sky gazers in Andhra Pradesh

Clouds mar visibility of eclipse; sadhus, priests throng RK Beach to offer prayers to Sun god.

published on : 22nd June 2020

Nehru Planetarium to webcast solar eclipse on Sunday

In the city, obscuration of the Sun by the Moon will start at 10:12 am and will cover a maximum of around 40 per cent of the Sun at 11:47 am.

published on : 21st June 2020

Solar Eclipse: Do’s and Don’ts

Dr. Sashwanthi Mohan, consultant doctor at Rajan Eye Care hospital in Chennai explains the procedure to observe the eclipse   

published on : 21st June 2020

Will you be able to see ring of fire? Things you need to know about the solar eclipse on June 21

This is the first solar eclipse of 2020. The second and last solar eclipse of the year will take place on December 14, which will be a total solar eclipse.

published on : 20th June 2020

Residents of Chennai, other parts of TN can see rare annular eclipse of sun on June 21

"After this, India will have an annular eclipse again only on May 21, 2031," S Soundararajaperumal, executive director of the Tamil Nadu Science and Technology Centre, told The New Indian Express

published on : 16th June 2020

Andhra Pradesh students view solar eclipse

The Vedica organisers arranged solar filter goggles for the students of Patibandla Sitaramaiah High School at Lakshmipuram of Bapatla.

published on : 27th December 2019

Solar eclipse delights Trivandrum

The city was witnessing a solar eclipse after nine years. The excitement was at fever pitch as the young and the old trooped in to watch the visual extravaganza as sun, moon and earth lined up

published on : 27th December 2019

Karur gets ringside view of solar eclipse

As announced by scientists earlier, the annular solar eclipse was clearly visible in Karur district compared to other districts in the country.

published on : 27th December 2019

Science or myth? Clips of unsupported pestles, allegedly due to solar eclipse, go viral in Tirupur

A lot of residents from Dharapuram and Udumalaipet shared videos of pounders standing still on a plate filled with water.

published on : 27th December 2019

Students, seasoned eclipse-watchers get spectacular view of ring of fire in Kerala

The Cheruvathur panchayat president, Madhavan Maniyara, served biscuits and tea to guests. "It was a small step to prove that eating during a solar eclipse was harmless," he said.

published on : 26th December 2019

Major temples shut, Muslims offer 'namaz' on solar eclipse

The famous Tirumala temple in Andhra Pradesh was closed around 11 p.m. on Wednesday on the eve of the solar eclipse. The temple will re-open after the end of the solar eclipse on Thursday afternoon.

published on : 26th December 2019

Decade's last solar eclipse witnessed in several parts of India

The solar eclipse, which occurs when the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun, began at around 8:17 am and continued till 10:57 am.

published on : 26th December 2019

Don’t view eclipse with naked eye: Experts

Avoid watching the solar eclipse with the naked eye, warned Department of Science and Technology, Vigyan Prasar, Scientist T V Venkateshwaran, on Wednesday.

published on : 26th December 2019
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