work from home

Office calling, where are you?

IT companies worry as techies get caught in work-from-home inertia. TNIE speaks to stakeholders on the WFH vs WFO battle

published on : 27th October 2022

Wipro calls back staff to office from October 10

In an internal note, the company told employees, that starting October 10, Wipro’s offices in India will be open on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

published on : 5th October 2022

WFH outlives utility, search for new work models complex

What was believed to be a godsent during pandemic, marred by quarantine, lockdown, & self-imposed isolation, has now become a millstone around their neck, with Gen Y staff refusing to revert to office

published on : 21st September 2022

IT firms resort to work-from-home amid Bengaluru rain fury

Indian IT major Wipro advised its employees to work from home on Tuesday and said business continuity plans have been invoked.

published on : 6th September 2022

Employees return to office, Kochi apartments' rent goes up by 30-40%

It is not an isolated case.

published on : 19th August 2022

Government issues SoP for work from home in SEZ

As per the new rule, the government will allow the WFH option to be extended to 50% of the staff, including contractual workers, and for a maximum period of one year.

published on : 13th August 2022

Work from home: A digital presenteeism killing productivity and creating unhappiness, stress

The pressure to stand up and be counted while working remotely is affecting productivity and employee well-being.  

published on : 7th August 2022

Government likely to come up with SoP for work from home in special economic zones

As per the new rule, the government will allow the WFH option to be extended to 50% of the staff, including contractual workers, and for a maximum period of one year.

published on : 4th August 2022

Commerce Ministry announces new rule for work from home for special economic zones

Keeping in view the demand from the industry, the notification by the ministry was issued to make a provision for a countrywide uniform WFH policy across all Special Economic Zones

published on : 20th July 2022

Work from home allowed for maximum one year in special economic zone: Commerce Ministry

Employees of IT/ITeS SEZ units; employees, who are temporarily incapacitated; employees, who are travelling and who are working offsite, are included.

published on : 19th July 2022

Despite WFH, Bengaluru leads in office market

Bengaluru has led the way in absorption of offices and even completion of new office spaces, despite work from home arrangements due to the pandemic, followed by Hyderabad.

published on : 8th July 2022

Remote working is the new ethos, can’t be rolled back now

As communities rush to attain normalcy in the post-pandemic phase, the WFH debate has heated up once again.

published on : 19th June 2022

GTech to aid firms shift work from home to office

The employees haven’t even seen their managers. 

published on : 22nd May 2022

No place like home

Organisations pushing employees to return to offices stands in conflict with Gen Z who have found comfort in remote working

published on : 20th May 2022

Millions in Beijing urged to work from home to fight Covid

Chinese authorities have stuck to their zero-Covid policy of lockdowns and mass testing, entire neighbourhoods in the capital are sealed over a handful of infections.

published on : 5th May 2022

How to keep your job safe as you transition from work from home to work from office

Another thing that is okay while working from home but isn’t okay at your workplace is lying down right beside your plate after your lunch. This can land you in a lot of trouble at the workplace.

published on : 30th April 2022

COVID-19: Kerala revokes special leaves to employees

The government has decided to allow seven-day work from home instead of seven-day special casual leave for Covid positive employees.

published on : 18th March 2022

Two-timing is your employer trouble!

IT firms discovered that while the work from home option was given to staff during Covid waves, many employees started working for other firms too  

published on : 16th March 2022

To leave masks behind and be more kind to ourselves: Hopes for 2021 

Avoid any false hopes. 2021 is going to be largely a continuation of all the changes that we were forced to adapt to.  

published on : 1st January 2021

When work came home: Professionals share their 2020 memories 

The New Indian Express reached out to a few professionals from Tier-1 cities to understand what heading home -- to work, of course -- meant for them. The experiences were different, yet common.

published on : 31st December 2020