India must stop being neutral on Russia and Israel: Dr. David Passig | Part 4

This week we have a very unusual guest in Dr David Passig, aka the Futurist, the ‘man who saw tomorrow ‘ Prof Passig who teaches at Bar-Ilan University (BIU), Ramat-Gan, Israel, and is a best-selling author not only saw and predicted the cataclysmic 9/11, connecting the dots that no one had thought to, but also unsurprisingly, predicted the current conflict that has erupted in his own country, and has bitterly divided the Middle East. Despite repeated warnings to Washington and Tel Aviv, that New York, the symbolic face of the West would be attacked, his warnings were ignored.

⁠ As a futurist - I ask him what he sees as the new flashpoint - will they be old grievances that are being stoked or will they be complete outliers What should the world be bracing for? Tensions in the South China Sea are escalating dangerously, raising the spectre of a wider global conflict. How should India prepare for the Future? There’s pressure from Israel & the West on India to choose sides - specifically whether it backs Israel in its war against Hamas, and again whether it backs Russia or Ukraine - Dr Passig predicts three future points of conflict. 1. India, caught between its emerging relationship with the U.S. will face China’s wrath. 2. Second. North Korea could precipitate a conflict. 3. But the biggest conflagration will come when China moves on Taiwan, in a battle that will obliterate the US base in Guam and half of Japan. And decimate India’s northeast. Arunachal Pradesh.


Fact is, Post 9/11, India itself went through a gut-wrenching 26/11 - Chabad House in Mumbai was a target. India too was given multiple warnings of landings on its shores by Pakistani fishing boats and the coast guard tracking some radio chatter. And odd surveillance by lone wolves. But it wasn’t acted on. Why is it that intelligence reports are never acted on? Is anyone in Delhi listening?

Today -with a virtual World War 3 on our doorstep, and an aggressive stealthy technologically advanced armed China seeking world dominance as the U.S. cedes space - militarily and in AI, we ask, what can India do to not precipitate a confrontation with China. And it’s proxy Pakistan. #india #pakistan #china #worldnews #world #news #interview #politics #davidpassig #israel #futurist #worldwar #international #externalaffairs #border #geopolitics #tnievideos #tnie #thenewindianexpress #globalexpress #neenagopal ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We are active on social media! Follow us: Facebook: Twitter: Stay updated with our Apps: For Android users: iOS users: For more videos: For all the important news:

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