Global Express | India's ex-intelligence chief on talking to the enemy

Watch the Global Express show with Senior Journalist Neena Gopal this week on "Talking to the enemy" with Amarjit Singh Dulat, the Former head of India's Intelligence agency. - This is a man who has spent his life in the shadows, trying to outwit an enemy bent on using every means possible to covertly win a war that could not be won face to face. - But today Amarjit Singh Dulat, the former head of India’s intelligence agency is stepping into the light with a tell all book that tells you exactly why India’s inexplicable inability to resolve the Kashmir issue stands in the way of what could have been a long lasting peace on our western border. - The book , Covert : The Psychology of War and Peace - like the first, The Spy Chronicles, is written in tandem with Lt Gen Asad Durrani who headed Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence –the twist is that the second co-author Neil Agrawal is a shrink, a psychologist – who attempts to get into their heads to see what makes the two spooks tick! - Mr A.S Dulat headed India’s intelligence agency Research and Analysis wing from August 1999 to December 2000 and has a keen and rare insight into Kashmir, the core issue that divides India and Pakistan, like few others. - He is trusted not just by the Farooq Abdullahs and the Mehbooba Mufti Mohamed Sayeeds but the separatists as well, the men who took their orders from Pakistan like the Mirwaiz Omar Farooq and Shabir Shah. He went on to serve as advisor to two successive prime ministers Atal Behari Vajpayee and Dr Manmohan Singh on Kashmir. - As India holds elections in Kashmir for the very first time since the abrogation of Article 370 and 35A, and reiterates that not just Kashmir but Pakistan occupied Kashmir will be India’s one day, POK itself erupts with street protests against rising electricity and food prices. - With India poised to form a new government in Delhi in a week, will we see an attempt to bring peace to our western border by reaching out to the new dispensation in Islamabad as was done by successive prime ministers, from both the Bjp and Congress? - The book lays bare back channel talks - Track 1 dialogues - between the preceding Govt in Islamabad and Delhi, over not just J&K, but over Punjab, over Siachen, over China. Over Afghanistan.

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