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Restore frequency of cargo flights, stop hiking prices of medical supplies for COVID: India to China

Indian envoy Priyanka Chauhan said that soaring prices of medical supplies like oxygen concentrators and disruption of cargo flights to India are slowing arrivals of medical goods.

published : 1 hour ago

Nepal parties struggle to form a new government as deadline nears

The political stalemate comes at a time when the country is experiencing its worst COVID-19 surge with acute shortages of health facilities and oxygen for patients.

published : 2 hours ago

UK PM Boris Johnson applies to cancel debt owed to 'COVID conspiracy theorist'

Johnson has yet to settle the debt of GBP 535 following a ruling on October 26 last year, according to an online database of civil county court judgments.

published : 2 hours ago

Many COVID-19 experts believe Americans may ditch the mask rule soon

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention already says masks aren't needed outdoors for vaccinated people unless it's crowded.

published : 2 hours ago

Nepal's hospitals stop admitting COVID-19 patients due to scarcity of oxygen

The government on Wednesday asked private hospitals to install their own oxygen plants to meet the need of oxygen within 15 days.

published : 4 hours ago

On Eid, Muslim leaders from Xinjiang defend China against US allegations

It came a day after human rights groups and Western nations demanded unfettered access for UN human rights experts to the region and US Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

published : 4 hours ago

Won't allow any foreign military bases on our soil: Pakistan Foreign minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi

The Pakistan foreign minister said that Islamabad firmly stood with Afghanistan in its efforts for peace, prosperity, and national reconciliation.

published : 4 hours ago

As ethnic violence rocks Israel, Arabs cite deep grievances

The mayor of the mixed town of Lod, which saw the worst of the violence Tuesday, compared it to a civil war or a Palestinian uprising.

published : 4 hours ago

Nowhere to run: Fear among citizens in bomb-hit Gaza grows amid conflict with Israel

As Hamas and other militant groups fired hundreds of rockets into Israeli cities, worries grew that the latest violence could spiral into a protracted conflict.

published : 4 hours ago

US regularly engages with Indian officials on human rights issues: Official

At the briefing, Nadel said US officials regularly engage with Indian government officials at all levels, encouraging them to uphold human rights obligations and commitments.

published : 5 hours ago

Two planes collide midair above Denver, no one injured

Both planes were getting ready to land at a small regional airport in a Denver suburb on Wednesday when they collided mid-morning.

published : 6 hours ago

Wealthy nations once lauded as successes lag in Covid-19 vaccinations

In Japan, South Korea and New Zealand, the vaccination rates are languishing in the single figures.

published : 6 hours ago

Man pleads guilty to stealing $800,000 from disabled kids group to pay for luxury vacation

Stuart Nitzkin, 45, of Deerfield, Illinois, pleaded guilty to one count of wire fraud during an arraignment conducted by video conference before U.S. District Judge Sara Ellis.

published : 7 hours ago

57 US Congressmen urge Joe Biden to bolster COVID-19 assistance to India

In the letter, the Congressmen relayed to the administration that India remains in need of additional medical equipment, supplies and other vital resources to emerge from this crisis.

published : 7 hours ago

Indian-American Congressman meets Kamala Harris over COVID-19 crisis in India

Bera said he also commended Vice President Harris for her leadership in helping mobilise the Indian-American diaspora to deliver assistance to family and friends in India.

published : 8 hours ago