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Volcano begins to erupt in eastern El Salvador

The Environmental Ministry's observatory reported explosions in the central crater of the volcano located about 83 miles (135 kilometers) east of the capital.

published : 9 hours ago

Great Barrier Reef risks 'in danger' World Heritage listing

The Australian Marine Conservation Society said the reef supported 60,000 jobs and generated Aus$6 billion ($4 billion) in revenue every year.

published : 10 hours ago

Five officers charged after Black man paralyzed in police van

The five New Haven police officers were charged with second-degree reckless endangerment and cruelty, both misdemeanors. The five New Haven police officers were charged with second-degree reckless end

published : 10 hours ago

China moves to curb rare, nationwide protests

In Hong Kong, where mass democracy protests erupted in 2019, dozens gathered at the Chinese University to mourn the victims of the Urumqi fire, an AFP journalist said.

published : 10 hours ago

Twitter owner Musk signals new 'war' against Apple

Musk also joined the chorus crying foul over a 30 per cent fee Apple collects on transactions via its App Store -- the sole gateway for applications to get onto its billion-plus mobile devices.

published : 11 hours ago

Buffalo gunman pleads guilty in racist supermarket massacre

Speaking to reporters later, several said the plea left them cold. It didn’t address the bigger problem, which they said is racism in America.

published : 17 hours ago

Toll in Cameroon landslide rises to 15

The victims had gathered in marquees at the top of a hill for a memorial service on Sunday when the ground collapsed.

published : 18 hours ago

Iranian general acknowledges over 300 dead in unrest

The Human Rights Activists in Iran has reported that 451 protesters and 60 security forces have been killed since the start of the unrest and that more than 18,000 people have been detained.

published : 18 hours ago

Pakistan launches new anti-polio drive amid spike in cases

Pakistan regularly launches polio campaigns despite attacks on workers and police assigned to inoculation drives.

published : 19 hours ago

Ngozi Adichie's Reith lecture makes a 'passionate, trenchant call-to-arms'

Adichie's worries are the worries of every writer and artist; about authoritarianism, about rightwing populism, about fake news and about democracy failing.

published : 22 hours ago

World's largest active volcano in Hawaii starts to erupt, sending ash nearby

The eruption began late Sunday night in the summit caldera of the volcano on the Big Island, the U.S. Geological Survey said.

published : 23 hours ago

Niece of supreme leader asks world to cut ties with Iran

In a video posted online by her France-based brother, Farideh Moradkhani urged "conscientious people of the world" to support Iranian protesters.

published : 23 hours ago

WHO renames monkeypox as mpox, citing racism concerns

US health officials have warned it may be impossible to eliminate the disease there, warning it could be a continuing threat mainly for gay and bisexual men for years to come.

published : 23 hours ago

Surgeons work by flashlight as Ukraine power grid battered

“The war has affected every doctor in Ukraine, be it in the west or in the east, and the level of pain we’re facing every day is hard to measure,” Duda said.

published : 28 Nov 2022

BBC journalist arrested, beaten while covering anti-lockdown protest in China

Hundreds of people took to the streets in China's major cities on Sunday in a rare outpouring of public anger against the state over its zero-Covid policy.

published : 28 Nov 2022