Goa vies for enhanced travelling experience with new app

The Tourism Department of the popular coastal state has launched a new taxi app
This new app is expected to provide taxi drivers in Goa the opportunity to earn more
This new app is expected to provide taxi drivers in Goa the opportunity to earn more

Goa Tourism has unveiled the ‘Goa Taxi App’ to elevate travel experience in the state. Launched by the Department of Tourism, the app will ensure hassle-free commuting and offer an enhanced travelling experience for visitors.

Additionally, the launch of the app will provide the Goan taxi drivers an opportunity to increase their revenue within the state and offer a price advantage. For residents and tourists, this app will also bring the convenience of hailing a cab from the comfort of their home or hotel.

The app makes it simple to book a taxi at any time of day or night. With the use of a unified taxi app system, passengers can rate the driver, report any instances of inappropriate behaviour, and request assistance through the call centre.

Rohan A Khaunte, Minister of Tourism, ITE&C, Printing & Stationery, Goa, said, “Tourism is a significant component of our state and hence hassle-free transportation is crucial. This app will be handed over to those in charge of taxi services. Both tourists and the local Goan population will benefit from it. In terms of price, we’ll use prices approved by the Director of Transportation. This service has been running at the MOPA airport over a counter for the previous six months. The results have been favourable since more than 500 vehicles are plying on the Goa Taxi App. So far, we have served approximately 30,000 tourists. We will ensure that it’s offered not only in coastal belts but also near industrial estates to encourage carpooling and other initiatives.                         

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