Best employer branding practices

Published: 23rd March 2018 12:17 PM  |   Last Updated: 22nd May 2021 08:14 PM   |  A+A-

By Online MI

As employer branding becomes central to the HR process, companies are now developing, implementing, and managing their employer brand strategy faster than ever. Getting your employer brand strategy right needs a disciplined approach with strong support from leaders across all lines of business.

Having an understanding of best employer branding practices helps you stay focused in the right direction for success in business.

Know what you stand for

Clearly define your organization’s mission, vision, and values, highlighting it in all employer branding communications. Some of the best employer brands align their social media and content strategy with their company’s core values.

Adopt a strategic approach to employer branding

Work towards developing a strategic framework to assist leaders in managing their employer brand. Adopt a “systems-thinking” view - the process of understanding how things influence one another within a whole - to see how the employer brand helps the organization attract, engage, and retain talent. Although, limiting employer branding to talent acquisition or recruitment usually results in an improved recruitment process but has minimal impact on the company’s culture. A strategic approach to employer branding calls for a more holistic perspective on how a company attracts, engages, and retains talent.

Digitalise your strategy and think mobile first

Today, digital technologies are used to new effect for talent acquisition. Mobile devices are making information about the company accessible to users around the world. These technologies are thus changing the strategic context of employer branding. Social media is the most important channel for communicating employer brand today.

Leverage big data

The technology for identifying interesting relationships between data sets exists, which an organization must leverage to fine tune its employer branding strategy. Analysing data allows companies to ensure that they reach the desired talent.

Each year, the Randstad Award is presented to the most attractive employer in various countries. The winner is based on the outcome of the world’s largest public opinion survey in employer branding, Randstad Employer Brand Research. The winner reflects ‘the people’s choice’, based on the views of a representative sample of employees and job-seekers, with the companies selected through national statistics agencies. Careful measures ensure that results remain objective, with the winners being selected solely on their employer branding appeal.

Google India was named as India’s most ‘attractive employer brand’ according to the Randstad Employer Brand Research 2017. The company also won the 7th edition of Randstad Award based on this survey, reflecting that it continuously engages employer branding talent to manage its strategy.

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