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German woman suspected of IS ties arrested after deportation from Turkey

Turkey began deporting foreign jihadists on Monday and has criticised Western countries for refusing to repatriate their citizens who left to join IS in Syria and Iraq.

published : 11 hours ago

Verdict in Omar al-Bashir anti-corruption trial in Sudan on December 14

Bashir, who was overthrown by the army in April, has been on trial in a Khartoum court since August on charges of illegally acquiring and using foreign funds.

published : 11 hours ago

French protesters, police clash on yellow vest anniversary

Yellow vest protesters are staging nationwide demonstrations this weekend in a bid to prove their movement is still a force to be reckoned with, a year after the first giant demonstration in 2018.

published : 11 hours ago

Climate emergency: Protesters block Geneva's private jet terminal

Extinction Rebellion spokesman told AFP that private jets emit 20 times more CO2 per passenger than normal airplanes.

published : 11 hours ago

US football game shooting: Alleged gunman, four others charged

The shooting at a packed Friday night playoff game between the Camden Panthers and the Pleasantville Greyhounds, sent fans and players frantically running for safety.

published : 11 hours ago

Car bomb kills 19 including 13 civilians in northern Syria: War monitor

The bomb, which struck a bus and taxi station in the town, also wounded 33 people, some of them seriously, the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported.

published : 13 hours ago

Sri Lanka votes for new president amid multiple poll-related incidents

Though there is no official confirmation of the actual voter turnout, election officials and poll monitoring groups said the final turnout would exceed 80 per cent.

published : 13 hours ago

India-US trade issues may be finalized by November

Top Commerce Ministry officials said that most issues holding up the trade between the nations had been hammered out.

published : 14 hours ago

Email shows Trump's property not among original G-7 sites

Trump first floated the idea of Doral as G-7 host in August, and said he wasn't the only one pushing for the south Florida resort as a venue.

published : 16 hours ago

There is no greater threat to human rights than terrorism: US Commission on Kashmir

This has resulted in the death of over 42,000 civilians in Jammu and Kashmir alone over the last three decades.

published : 16 hours ago

Protests erupt in Iran after petrol price hike: State media

Iran imposed petrol rationing and raised pump prices by at least 50 per cent on Friday, saying the move was aimed at helping citizens in need with cash handouts.

published : 16 hours ago

Clean-up begins in Hong Kong after week of chaos and destruction

It was not immediately clear who the men were but they jogged back to the garrison after a lightning-quick organised clean.

published : 16 hours ago

Overcome outstanding issues to get India into RCEP, says Singapore minister

India remains concerned that the China-dominated RCEP would be disadvantageous to its farmers and MSMEs.

published : 16 hours ago

NRC in Assam targeting religious minorities: US commission on religious freedom

USCRIF on Friday said that a number of domestic and international organisations have expressed concern that the NRC is a 'targeted mechanism to disenfranchise Assam's Bengali Muslim community'.

published : 21 hours ago

Pakistani air traffic controller saves Jaipur-Muscat flight after pilot sounds alert

The air traffic controller from Pakistan responded to the call of pilot and directed it through the dense air traffic in the vicinity for the remaining journey in the Pakistani airspace.

published : 22 hours ago