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Congress-mukt Azad: Ultimate Darbari serves home truths, but don't expect the Gandhis to learn

Though Rahul Gandhi was the target of his attack, Azad also took a swipe at Sonia Gandhi, pointing out that she was serving as a nominal figurehead...

published : 27 Aug 2022

India@75: How Indian economy regained its mojo and how it can be the bird of gold again

Sadly, the task of shifting India away from state-directed economic development, remains unfinished, even three decades after this plan was first set in motion.    

published : 15 Aug 2022

PM Sunak hazir ho: Tantalising prospect of a British PM with Indian roots now vaporising?

Rishi Sunak. 42 years old. The man who played a lead role in getting the Conservative party to ditch Boris Johnson. What chance does he have to become the next British PM on D-day, September 5?

published : 11 Aug 2022

Global reckoning is unavoidable; we will now have to sit down to a banquet of consequences

The reckoning may not be immediate. The Great Depression, 2000/2001 tech bubble and 2008 mortgage problems took years to develop. But there is no escaping it, writes Satyajit Das.

published : 04 Aug 2022

Kerala's great fiscal crisis: What is the way out?

What is really behind the great fiscal crisis in Kerala? And what really needs to be done to address it?

published : 02 Aug 2022

62 vehicles for every kilometre: Decoding 'K-Road' woes in Road's own country

Kerala has a road length of 2,38,773 km that gives it a road density of 614 kms per 100 sq.km of area. This is more than three times the density of roads in India as a whole.

published : 22 Jul 2022

'IF'...: Warped mandate for Kipling-lover Wickremesinghe, winning over Sri Lanka daunting

Much water has flowed since the early years of his political leadership and Wickremesinghe is no longer hailed as the "Mr Clean" of Sri Lankan politics...

published : 21 Jul 2022

Three major factors fuelling the rise of BJP in Telangana

The story of BJP's rise in Telangana since 2014 is in keeping with a process repeated in many states, albeit with local variations.

published : 20 Jul 2022

Jaya and now: A tale of two AIADMK splits and why the twain shall never meet

Jayalalithaa's rise to power, despite the odds being stacked against her, remains an extraordinary story in modern Tamil Nadu politics and is worth revisiting during the current turmoil in the ADMK.

published : 15 Jul 2022

Rabble to rubble: Uddhav Thackeray and the difficulty of being good

Exigencies demand Uddhav continues to use the crutches provided by Congress and NCP to stand. For that, he will have to walk the fine line between practising Hindutva and yet looking secular. 

published : 10 Jul 2022