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With the developments of smart devices, we’re watching a warranted growth in applications and software utilized centrally through the World Wide Web.

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We can all agree that modern technology has seen a marvelous progression over the years. The shift has been drastic from - large machines to microchips, from wired to non-wired devices, we have witnessed it all! With the developments of smart devices, we’re watching a warranted growth in applications and software utilized centrally through the World Wide Web. These applications help in availing basic needs like booking train/ flight tickets, online shopping or just ordering food. 

Young and talented millennials are creating new applications every day that open gates to a larger need in the market - Online Trading. In the last decade, we have seen increased production of online trading websites that give a platform to beginners. And since payments are now smoothly transacted digitally, many are curious to give online trading a chance to earn extra funds. 

Binomo is one such online trading platform that gives you a fairground for learning professional online trading! The platform is designed for budding traders and experts who want to polish their trading skills. Gone are the days where you had to rely on local experts and friends for understanding the world of trading. With an online trading platform like Binomo, it’s convenient to introduce ourselves to the concept of trading. 

We’re often taken aback by the word Trading but Binomo is here to lighten the meaning of the term. The platform is designed to bring ease in the usage and understanding of Online Trading. They have created a straightforward step-by-step registration process that’s user-friendly because let us be honest, we’ve shut down several sites due to the complicated sign-up procedures.

There are a multitude of reasons to sign-up on Binomo but one that stands out is the opportunity to practice trading. The platform offers a free demo account to novice traders to craft the art of forecasting trades. This option is ideal for individuals who want to test the waters before switching to a real account. 

Real trading can be started with a minimum investment of just ₹350. And what’s more? The cost of a trade is as low as ₹70 so you won’t lose a large number of funds while still learning how to trade. Additionally, Binomo allows a non-stop trading mode where we can forecast as many trades as we want to simultaneously and trade with no restrictions. 

The registration procedure is covered in 5 linear steps: 

Step 1) Set your preferred language from the 12 languages available in the drop-down list on the top-right.

Step 2) Register using your Facebook or Google account. If you’re using your Gmail address to sign up, then make sure you select a strong password

Step 3) Select an asset you wish to trade: INR or USD or EUR

Step 4) Set the trading time and enter the number of funds for trade

Step 5) Click on the red or green arrows to forecast the direction you think the chart will go 

If your forecast is right after the chosen trading time ends, profits will be instantly credited to your account. Please note, Binomo is not a game, but it’s an online trading platform that strongly encourages you to strategize your forecasts. It wouldn’t be smart to rely on external resources as the expertise of multiple people may differ. It’s important to gain sufficient knowledge in the field and then trust our own analysis to make successful forecasts.

Binomo is proving to be popular amongst millennials mainly because it’s a source of extra funds. Whether it’s the tech-savvy nature of this generation or just the hyperactive need to get funds, it’s turning out to be an interesting way to have a side hustle. This should hopefully give confidence to other generations to utilize this convenient way of Online Trading while working from home and carrying out a full-time job.

It’s time we take the rich information of trading available through platforms like Binomo and study trading to become pros. To gather any sort of expertise, it’s necessary to take the first step and Binomo is certainly the best way to start.   

When they say that Millennials are the future, they don’t just say that looking at their will to adapt to new practices, but they also look at their critical thinking and the ability to look at all possibilities before making decisions. A macroscopic view of the current economic scenario will tell us that in order to evolve, we must take a step ahead. So why don’t we start walking?

However, it's necessary to be aware of the fact that the route to earning extra income always carries risks. We are to make ourselves fluent with the financial market to make successful forecasts before investing capital.

Disclaimer: This content is distributed by Binomo. No TNIE Group journalist is involved in the creation of this content.

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