A funny taste

Gaurav Kapoor's skit on dissing food fads has been touched by many, including Bollywood celebrities like Kareena Kapoor Khan.
A funny taste

BENGALURU: Gaurav Kapoor is probably the only comedian, who would be concerned about avocados losing their premiums. His funny skit about the avocado left many of us wondering about his astute observations. Known for his relatable and poker-face humour, Kapoor says it’s social media that gives him perspective on what’s happening in the world, which turns out to be an inspiration for him. “Whenever there is any trend on social media, we subconsciously absorb it. I don’t go out every day to look for observations and jokes,” explains Kapoor.

Kapoor’s skit on dissing food fads has been touched by many, including Bollywood celebrities like Kareena Kapoor Khan. “People have started to talk too much about food...gut health being a favourite. So whenever I see a trend happening, I try to do something around it,” says Kapoor, who was flattered to find many celebs sharing his reels.

These online shares give offline recognition as Kapoor points out. “Sometimes, I put in a lot of effort and it doesn’t work well, and at other times, I do something randomly and it works,” says Kapoor. He further adds, “I loved it when a couple of Bollywood people shared it. That popularity stays for a few weeks. At the end of the day, people have to like your work and find you funny to come for a show. I write skits only when I am able to relate to it.”

Once a niche, now many standup shows are mushrooming during weekends, which shows its growing popularity. Kapoor assures that it’s not a saturated space yet, and is in fact, only growing. “During the lockdown, people consumed a lot of comedy, leading to many wanting to give it a shot. It is much better than what I did 15 years ago,” says Kapoor, who started his standup career in 2015.

Having been doing shows in different parts of the country, Kapoor finds the Bengaluru crowd to be evolved and accepting. “For any comedian, Bengaluru has always been a favourite destination, with its diverse crowd. Here, people are quite open to trying out new things. For example, I have a show in JP Nagar this weekend and a show in Whitefield this month, where the crowds will be very different,” signs off Kapoor.

(Gaurav Kapoor will be performing live on June 2, MLR Convention Centre, JP Nagar)

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