Balancing heritage: A personal reflection on multicultural upbringing and honour

So though I secretly was elated with the ‘slap-gate’ incident that occurred and for a split second I even applauded it.
Alka Dev, Shruti Saha, Nischay Sharma, Sapna Taneja & Susan Fernandes
Alka Dev, Shruti Saha, Nischay Sharma, Sapna Taneja & Susan Fernandes

BENGALURU: I belong to a multi-cultural family and where one part of my gene-pool is grandiloquent, astute and gentle-natured whereas the other side is represented by a robust clan of fearless people who were adept at being conquerors and warriors. My siblings and I represented the ‘warrior-conqueror’ side in appearance but the triumph of the ‘grey-matter’ always prevailed. We were taught to reason and comprehend and the use of any force, brute or otherwise was firmly discouraged. This lesson was promptly passed down to our ‘conqueror-warrior’ looking children!

After all my gift of repartee and usage of rhetoric bode me well throughout my life. My father, an Armyman and a thinking genius, wore his uniform free from all bias except from enemies who threatened the fabric of who we are as a people. That impeccable training folks, keeps us all safe from prejudgment becomes the very basis of our existence. In times of national-emergency, a civilian magistrate has to be present with every sortie that goes out to oversee any (if all) excesses that may occur. Though it may sound idealistic. ‘Use your brain not your brawn’!

So though I secretly was elated with the ‘slap-gate’ incident that occurred and for a split second I even applauded it. A quick thought of how many people in my mind deserved a slap crossed my mind. Obnoxious people with verbal diarrhea topped my list along with the entitled, racist, bigoted, insincere ‘people-in-white’ who talk a whole bunch of malarkey and the list can go on. The very phase ‘a-slap-in-the-face’ denotes a lowering of prestige and disrespect, (though there are some people I would have liked to inflict pain on).

Suresh Hinduja, Kaveri Ponnapa, Sheeba & Virender Razdan
Suresh Hinduja, Kaveri Ponnapa, Sheeba & Virender Razdan

But jokes aside, the concept of wearing a uniform of your country and then assaulting the very people you have sworn to protect doesn’t sit very well with me, perhaps because my father epitomised what true honour and courage was. Maybe it’s a Utopian situation but we have to start behaving and believing in our innate grace, fairness and honourableness. The moment we don the country’s uniform we have to keep our personal agendas aside.

That being said I avoided controversy by hanging around with friends. My good friend and fellow – gastronome, Suresh Hinduja had a showcasing of Sindh cuisine at The Leela Bhartiya City. A table of discerning epicureans listened with rapt attention as he talked us through the evolution of Sindhi cuisine through the ages. Aptly titled ‘Legends of Sind’, the dinner did make us ‘pop-up’ with interest!

Sabina and Irfan are one of the most popular couples in Bengaluru and when they celebrated their ‘ruby-anniversary’, this Rubi showed up wearing bells and whistles! A charming party surrounded with good-friends, great food and even better cocktails with the rain adding that touch of romance. The afternoon was ‘purrrfect’!

The highlight of my ‘ahimsa’ week was meeting up with a core group of my friends and enjoying a four hour lunch at Idyll, a new quasi-Indian restaurant that has already garnered eyeballs for their delicious food and superlative cocktails. Idyll’s young partner Nischay Sharma was at hand explaining the concept of the restaurant and in turn being thoroughly amused and fascinated by this mature group of women who could discuss topics ranging from food to past-life episodes!

Viva diversity and tolerance!

(The writer’s views are personal)

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