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Midway through the year, Canadian singer Jonita Gandhi continues her streak of hits, the latest being Soni Soni from the film Ishq Vishq Rebound.
Singer Jonita Gandhi
Singer Jonita Gandhi

BENGALURU: At a time when new voices continue to emerge ever so often, singer Jonita Gandhi’s remains distinctly recognisable.

Her latest song, Soni Soni from the film Ishq Vishq Rebound, is currently trending among new releases. Gandhi, who was recently in the city, finds joy in seeing dance reels made to the song. “I love seeing all the dance reels that are popping up on social media. This song is so fresh and full of energy. It makes me want to dance and fall in love at the same time,” she says with a coy smile.

While 2024 is far from being over, it has already been momentous for Gandhi with the release of Chamkila, her debut EP, and a collaboration with Pakistani-American singer Ali Sethi. Gandhi has long been in awe of AR Rahman’s magic, and this time with Mainu Vida Karo from Chamkila.

“I cherish every opportunity to work with Rahman sir – each experience is unique! This time in the studio, I was so taken aback by the melody and style of the song. I knew it was something special. What I didn’t know, however, was how well it was going to do,” Gandhi reflects, adding that it’s one of those songs she will always look back on with pride.

Her collaboration with global sensation Ali Sethi for the song Love Like That was also a delight for music lovers. “I am glad people were pleasantly surprised! I had a blast working with him, and I think he’s an incredible musician and human being. I had been waiting to work with him for a while, and this song feels like it was the perfect one for us to collaborate on,” she says.

The process behind her EP was completely organic. “I worked on all the songs from scratch in the studio with a team of incredible people. The music flowed naturally, without restrictions on where the sound should go,” she explains.

Navigating Bollywood and the music industry in general is challenging, yet Gandhi has made a significant impact on her listeners. “I don’t know how settled I feel, but the inspiration and motivation to do better is infinite. That in itself is often an unsettling, but incredible feeling. It’s hard to explain. It’s a tricky business full of ups and downs, but there’s no end to how much you can reinvent and pivot, even when something isn’t ‘working’,” Gandhi concludes.

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