Maid in heaven...not!

Naturally, one must also partake in one’s meals outside the residence as much as possible to avoid washing the dishes.
Kailash Satyarthi, Madhav Sehgal and Ricky Kej
Kailash Satyarthi, Madhav Sehgal and Ricky Kej

BENGALURU: Currently, it seems like I have fallen into the cyclical trap of being ‘Maid-less-in-Manhattan’! It’s always an eye-opener for me to see the type of expectations that we have on both sides of the spectrum.

The help wants the maximum salary for the least amount of work, (it’s calculated hourly with no SOP’s) about what could be done in that hour. In my abode, I had to tippy-toe around my ‘mighty maid’ while she had loud conversations with her spouse or her boyfriend. Depending on the volume,

I could only hazard a guess whether my home would be mopped or would yours truly (moi) have to do the restrooms again for the third time in a week!

One day I mustered up the courage to politely tell her to fight with her spouse on her own time and…lo and behold! I was left ‘Bai-less in Bengaluru’! Not only that the other ‘ammas’ were told I was a harridan and to work with me at their own peril! Sigh! How I wish I had been one. So, not to be outdone by ‘acrimonious-amma’, I got myself a mothers-little-helper (a robot) that maps your rooms and vacuums and mops your house. Every couple of days I get myself a couple of ‘brawny boys’ from a local agency who wash and scrub my powder-rooms till they sparkle like ‘Rubies’! I have a lot of travel in the anvil, so my home will be locked and sealed. I will not be beaten down by a ‘baleful-bai’!

But naturally, one must also partake in one’s meals outside the residence as much as possible to avoid washing the dishes. My predicament is such that my ‘cooker-offer’ as my baby son used to refer to her, and who has been with me forever, doesn’t like to see unwashed dishes in the sink. So I must hastily wash all the little cups and plates before she turns up! My life is wretched I tell you!

Iliyas, Digvijay Singh, Madhu Nataraj and Hamish Lindsay
Iliyas, Digvijay Singh, Madhu Nataraj and Hamish Lindsay

But, my demeanour changed to a happy and giggly one as I made good use of all the ‘lost dates’ with my girlfriends. My ‘other half’ was in Mumbai and I used my time effectively by hitting every hot spot I had missed with a vengeance.

I ultimately landed up at Hotel Conrad Bengaluru with my BFF Alka, to spend a glorious evening tasting the Aberlour range of single malts with their very young and knowledgeable brand Ambassador, Hamish Lindsay. As a 28-year-old, his knowledge about the spirit wowed us all till I caught sight of his tartan skirt and realised that as a full-fledged Scotsman, he probably started out late! The food paired by chef Iliyas was perfectly curated for the smooth-as-silk Aberlour. Our small and informed table of fellow connoisseurs, made for very pleasant (which soon turned raucous) conversations! Not so bad being ‘Bai-less’ me thinks!

I love it when events are conjoined with a great cause where people who can make a difference in terms of either stature or finance come together to make the world a better place I was indeed honoured to meet Kailash Satyarthi, a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, who was awarded for his struggle against the suppression of children and their right to an education. The compassion guru moved even the three-time Grammy winner Ricky Kej, to enthral us with his Rhythm-of-the-Earth concert at The Leela Palace to raise awareness.

Compassion, Chagrin and Complacency…not bad for weekly emotions!

(The writer’s views are personal)

Rubi Chakravarti

Writer, actor and funny girl

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