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Today’s fashion landscape is such that every individual is encouraged to be authentic, staying true to their style.
 Souls Walk in Fashion (SWF)
Souls Walk in Fashion (SWF)Photos | R Ayyappan, Vishnudev

CHENNAI : Fashion has long been one of the most celebrated forms of self-expression. It is a tool that has sparked entire revolutions and brought about an understanding of empowerment, identity, and change in society. Today’s fashion landscape is such that every individual is encouraged to be authentic, staying true to their style.

This vision is at the heart of Souls Walk in Fashion (SWF), a newly launched platform dedicated to showcasing the creative vision, style, and aesthetic of emerging talents.

On Saturday, the essence of the fashion industry — glamour, high-profile connections, stunning designs, and leading collaborations — was embodied at the grand launch of SWF. The event attracted prominent figures from both the fashion and film industries, setting the stage for a glorious initiative.

A vision of inclusivity and accessibility drives the establishment of SWF. “Fashion should be available from the higher class to the lower class. Everyone has a dream, and they should make it come true. We believe that all classes should get that opportunity,” emphasises Sangeetha Maria Allen, the founder of Souls Walk in Fashion.

The night witnessed stellar fashion walks featuring two of SWF’s artfully curated collections: the Indo-Western collection and the Renaissance collection. While the Indo-Western collection was draped in vibrant colours, sparkles and intricate designs, the Renaissance collection featured the sartorial elegance of the 16th century with its sumptuous gowns, puffed sleeves and playful frills. Both collections represented entirely different eras, skillfully presented to display SWF’s focus on diversity and versatility.

Despite the pervasive influence of fashion, opportunities within the industry remain scarce for many. Sangeetha recognises that fashion is an accessible art form, one that transcends social and economic barriers. “Only a few people get opportunities to make it big in this industry. Fashion is something that any person can do, they just need to be given a platform to showcase their skills. SWF was launched precisely to bring that forum to them,” she noted.

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