Revolutionising healthcare

In helping people accelerate their desired health, healing and vitality outcomes, we look for specific pivots.
Revolutionising healthcare

HYDERABAD: Unique new-age brands blossoming in the city are revolutionising healthcare in the country. We speak to some of them to understand how sustainable menstruation, e-clinics, mental health, etc. are making things less expensive, more affordable, accessible and maybe even, popular.

“The previous era was about fixing health issues, and then came preventive health. However, the latest innovations in health that we focus on are ‘optimum health’, not just preventive health. The approach is not just avoiding or preventing diseases, but getting to the most optimal health and vitality. And this is the need of the hour, even more in the post-pandemic era, where the energy levels are just not the same for most people. Now, more than ever before, your health and vitality are everything,” says Harini Ramachandran, co-founder of Antano & Harini, a brand that is leveraging technology to turn around medically impossible situations and create breakthroughs in such cases.

The focus cannot just be fixing health issues - because that is low standards, the question really is ‘How can one get to optimal health’, Harini adds. “Achieving this requires working with your neurology - the whole system - mental and physical because health outcomes cannot be seen in silos. Everything is connected to everything else, and the key to health breakthroughs may be tucked away in one’s unconscious patterning, in the way they process their emotions or relate to people around them. In helping people accelerate their desired health, healing and vitality outcomes, we look for specific pivots. We truly believe that the latest advancements in cutting-edge technology are going to be instrumental in raising the bar of excellence in our own health. And the future belongs to non-invasive neurotechnology to evolve human excellence in health, amongst other significant outcomes in business, wellness, family, and legacy.”

Today, healthcare brands are changing the way people learn, track and take control of their health. They are committed to designing products and services in a way that fits the busy lifestyle of professionals today so that they get the best of both worlds.

“Cross pollination of ideas and technology from one field to solve problems of a totally different field is proving a boon. It has become very easy to access credible information and support of healthcare experts remotely from the comfort of their own homes. Take menstrual and reproductive care, for example, it is one of the most hushed topics. Every menstruator in the country has faced severe rashes and infections due to chemical-loaded products or no products at all. It is exciting to see brands, healthcare experts, researchers and content creators come together through technology to improve the way women experience their menstrual cycles,” says Sujata Pawar; co-founder & CEO of Avni, which is working to make sustainable menstruation easy and accessible.

Several such brands are working to provide unmatchable services that enable their users to make wise health decisions, especially in rural areas with the help of technology. Ayush Atul Mishra, CEO and co-founder, Tattvan E-Clinics, better known for helping doctors in leading hospitals here treat patients in rural areas, small towns and slums, says, “E-clinics platforms like ours not only provide doctor consultation but also enable patient data management, and health trackers through which patient can track their health condition or even their loved ones can keep a check on patient’s health. These trackers are vital monitoring program that is integrated with the system which is very helpful as it maintains the complete digital health record of the patient.”

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