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The culinary journey commenced with an amuse bouche — a burst of flavours that set the tone for the evening.
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HYDERABAD: Satisfying our cravings for exceptional cuisine, our city has evolved into a haven for gastronomic delights. Recently, Lord of the Drinks at Jubilee Hills unveiled an enticing new menu featuring fusion delights that are an absolute must-try. Embracing the universally adored Indian flavours and giving them a captivating twist, this curated menu offers an array of remarkable fusion dishes. Our indulgence in these culinary innovations was an experience to remember.

The culinary journey commenced with an amuse bouche — a burst of flavours that set the tone for the evening. Muhammara on crisp sago adorned with black salt caviars tantalised our taste buds with its tangy allure. Subsequently, we perused the drinks menu and were treated to a chef’s introduction to the innovative offerings. Executive Chef Shiva Muduli passionately detailed the inspiration behind the menu, emphasising the fusion of Indian and Western culinary traditions. Each dish, he explained, promised a symphony of unique flavours, tailored to delight the diverse palette of patrons.

Our gastronomic adventure unfolded with the Bhel Puri Gir Gayi, a beloved choice among enthusiasts of Indian street food. The amalgamation of bhel stuffed into a corn-shaped papdi delivered a delightful medley of tanginess, spice, and crispness — a remarkable rendition of a classic. Following this, the Dal Shorba, simmered lentils infused with Indian spices, captivated our senses. The Chicken Tate Nests, boasting creamy, juicy, and crispy textures, presented a flavourful ensemble within a basket-shaped vermicelli — truly a culinary marvel.

The Porcupine, a seafood-filled bao, encapsulating prawns and lobster, was a treat specially crafted for seafood aficionados. Furthermore, the fusion of chicken wings and prawns proved to be an irresistible combination — a definite recommendation. Transitioning to the highlight of the menu, the main course, the Reddy Khichdi Risotto stole the spotlight. This Italian-inspired khichdi infused with southern spices, served in a mini cooker, offered a wholesome and flavoursome experience unique to LOTD. The Palak Burrata with Ajwain Lachha Paratha showcased an unexpected harmony of flavours, appealing even to those not inclined towards excessive greenery.

The Chicken Tikka Masala accompanied by baked egg cheese naan was a delightful symphony of taste that truly complemented the entire meal. The dessert menu, a finale to remember, presented irresistible treats. The Affogato Tiramisu featuring vanilla and espresso was a beautiful blend. Additionally, the Baklava Bagel and Umali Eggless, a traditional Egyptian dessert, stood out as exemplary choices.
The new menu at Lord of the Drinks surpassed expectations, treating us to a gastronomic extravaganza that tantalised our palates and left a lasting impression.

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