Get monsoon ready: Fashion tips for rainy season

The colours and fabrics you choose have a significant impact during the monsoon season.
Get monsoon ready: Fashion tips for rainy season

HYDERABAD : With humidity on one side and heavy downpour on the other, the early monsoon season can dampen your style with sweat and rain. Let’s take a peek into the wardrobe and decide how to style the essentials for the rainy season.

The colours and fabrics you choose have a significant impact during the monsoon season. Sanjay David, Fashion Stylist, says, “Using waterproof clothing that is usually natural or synthetic and laminated to or coated with waterproof materials like rubber, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyurethane (PU), silicone elastomer, fluoropolymers, and wax is a safe option during monsoon.”

Monsoon-ready fabrics

Kenisha Sabnani, Chief Styling Officer at Kenisha Styles and Director of LineUp Ventures Pvt Ltd, suggests choosing the right fabric is crucial during the rainy season for both comfort and quick-drying properties. She says fabrics like cotton blends, which are lightweight and breathable, make them perfect for the humid weather. Nylon and polyester are also excellent choices as they dry quickly and are often used in stylish raincoats and jackets. It’s best to avoid heavy fabrics such as denim and wool, as they take longer to dry and can feel uncomfortable.

Trendy raincoats and jackets

For jackets and raincoats, Kenisha advises choosing transparent raincoats, which allow your outfit to shine through while keeping you dry. Lightweight trench coats are perfect for a more formal look and can be paired with almost any outfit. When it comes to colours, she recommends bright-coloured rain jackets to add a pop of colour to the grey monsoon days and serve as a statement piece.

Waterproof footwear

Rainy days call for footwear that can withstand wet conditions without compromising on style. According to Kenisha, ankle-length gumboots, available in various colours and patterns, add a fun element to your outfit while keeping your feet dry. “Apart from boots and sneakers, stylish rain sandals, which are lightweight and easy to clean, can provide comfort and a trendy look,” she says.

Water-resistant bags

Your belongings need protection during the rainy season, so investing in water-resistant bags is both practical and stylish. Waterproof backpacks are a must-have, providing ample protection for your items. PVC handbags are another excellent choice, combining style and functionality to keep your essentials dry. If you prefer leather bags, using a rain cover will help protect them during the monsoon.

Monsoon hair & makeup

The humidity and rain during the monsoon season can wreak havoc on your hair and makeup, but there are ways to manage it effectively. Use anti-frizz hair products like serums and leave-in conditioners to keep your hair manageable. Waterproof makeup is essential to avoid smudging, so invest in waterproof mascara, eyeliner, and long-lasting lip colour. Additionally, hair accessories such as headbands, scarves, and stylish hats can help keep your hair in place while adding a chic touch to your look.

Styling tips

  •  Pair your gumboots with a cute skirt or shorts and a tucked-in top. For a casual day out, water-resistant sneakers work great with jeans or leggings.

  •  Match your raincoat with your outfit. For a more polished look, opt for a trench coat over a dress or business attire. For casual outings, a bright rain jacket paired with denim works wonders.

  •  Go for layered outfits. A cotton t-shirt paired with a quick-dry nylon jacket can be both practical and stylish. Avoid wearing heavy, long skirts and instead choose knee-length or midi skirts.

  •  Coordinate your bag with your footwear for a cohesive look. A bright-coloured PVC handbag can complement a neutral outfit, adding a pop of colour.

  •  A sleek ponytail or a bun is a practical and stylish option for rainy days. Pair with waterproof makeup for a fresh, put-together look all day.(–Kenisha Sabnani)

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