Aman Preet's Gulmohar blooms in Tholu Bommalata

CE spoke with her to learn more about her work and her studio.
Gulmohar art show
Gulmohar art show

HYDERABAD: Art is the expression of life, and the creative talent of Aman Preet, Founder, Head Artist, and Curator of Sirjanhara: The Art Studio, epitomises this. Recently, she set up an art stall at the IIID Hyderabad Regional Chapter at the Hitex Exhibition Centre. Aman curated an art show named Gulmohar with fellow artists Aditya Chadar, Deepanjali Shekar, Manasa Priya, Saik Azgharal, Venkat Ramulu, and Venkatesh. CE spoke with her to learn more about her work and her studio.

Speaking about her love for art and introducing herself, Aman says, “I am an art curator and I run an online art gallery. I am also an artist. I completed my Masters at Shantiniketan and was selected for an exchange programme in France, where I did one year of my Masters.”

Explaining her passion for art and her career choice, she continues, “After my education, I returned to Hyderabad. I always liked artistry and began as an art history teacher at Glendale School. Then I joined Kadari Art Gallery in Hyderabad. Back then, it wasn’t an art gallery, but now it is a gallery space. I was there from the beginning. I had a bigger goal. In 2019, I started freelancing and set up my own studio space while also freelancing in curation.”

Regarding her art gallery and its inception, Aman says, “In 2019, I started the whole studio, but recently, I secured a government space at Agriculture University. I applied for it and got the space in mid-2022. The renovation is ongoing, and I now have my own art team, including artists who have completed their Masters in Arts. We also do a lot of customised art in our studio. It is online under the name Srijanhara.”

Speaking about her opportunity to showcase her artwork at IIID, she says, “IIID has a special designer street in halls 1 and 3, dedicated to upcoming designers, artists, and gallerists. I got in touch with IIID through a friend. Nowadays, design fests include space for art, so I had the opportunity to showcase my work here.”

Sharing her experience at the exhibition, Aman says, “It was my first time participating on a larger scale. It was a very nice experience. The plus point was the direct connection with a large audience. It wasn’t just about the art but also about business. We had solid inquiries, and I learned a lot from fellow designers.”

Aman Preet
Aman Preet

Regarding her artworks and their focus, Aman says, “At IIID, I had a show called Gulmohar, developed by six artists, including myself. Each artist represented gulmohar in their own style. My artworks have a folk connection. I am keen on visiting folk artisans and understanding their art and history. For this show, I collaborated with Tholu Bommalata artisans to create a sculpture of a gulmohar flower. We created metal petals and stretched leather onto them, with wooden bases. I coloured the insides of the petals and included Tholu Bommalata forms on the outside. It was a nice collaboration aimed at promoting folk art and bringing more business to these artisans.”

Explaining what art means to her, Aman opines, “Art is a pure expression and a part of the artist’s soul. When someone acquires my art or Manasa’s art, they also acquire the effort put into it. Art is purely an expression of any emotion, not just happiness.”

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