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CE checks out one of its kind vintage watering hole, Peanuts Bar
Peanuts Bar
Peanuts Bar

HYDERABAD: Capturing the essence of Mumbai’s iconic street culture and old-school café traditions, Hyderabad is now the home of a new watering hole — Peanuts Bar at RMZ SkyView 10, opposite IKEA, Hitech City. This exciting new venture is the latest addition to the Taste Budders family, joining the ranks of beloved brands Fat Pigeon Bar Hop and Chubby Cho.

Peanuts Bar is a nostalgic homage to the old-school charm of Mumbai’s bustling streets and the timeless elegance of vintage cafés from the 80s and 90s. Every detail of the bar’s interior has been meticulously chosen to evoke a sense of vintage allure, creating a space that feels both historic and fresh.

Talking about his latest venture, Ketan Agarwal, Co-Founder Peanuts Bar, says, “The emphasis at the Peanuts Bar is to provide a comforting and soothing ambiance for the corporate crowd in and around Hitech City, offering a relaxing retreat after a hard day’s work. It is designed to be a versatile space where people can simultaneously work and play. Peanuts Bar captures the essence of Mumbai’s iconic street culture and old-school café traditions. The decor is super vintage, featuring timeless elements like classic lighting fixtures, and nostalgic memorabilia that transport guests back to a bygone era. Vintage posters adorn the walls, and the soothing tunes of retro music fill the air, creating an atmosphere that feels vibrant. Every corner of Peanuts Bar is designed to evoke the warmth and charm of Mumbai’s beloved old-school cafés, inviting you to relax and savour the experience.”

Spanning a spacious area, Peanuts Bar is a 200-seater with multiple formats of seating, including indoor, outdoor, and private dining sections. The vibrant open bar offers a wide range of specialty cocktails crafted to perfection by expert mixologists. The menu at Peanuts Bar is a culinary homage to classic bites that have been cherished for generations. From beloved street food delights to hearty home-style dishes, there’s something to delight every palate.

We indulged in rich, flavourful appetizers like Peanut’s Special Salad — broccoli and veggie salad dressed with spicy peanut humus. Next we tried Ghee Karam Podi Idli, Old School Mexican Nachos, Truffle Popcorn (popcorn infused with truffle mushroom oil), Dragon Veg Manchurian, Mutton Seekh Kebab, Chicken 65 and Chicken Maggi. The star of the appetizer section was Truffle Popcorn and Chicken 65. Peanuts Bar offers an array of traditional cocktails and creative beverages too. To wash it all down before we take on their main course, we ordered Peanut Petition, Retro Royale and Mr Nutty Professor. While Peanut Petition was a tequila-based cocktail, the Mr Nutty Professor was a whiskey one and Retro Royale had a hint of gulkand, milk and saffron.

Even though we were overwhelmed with their spread on the main course menu, we successfully ordered the best ones. Butter Chicken Pizza, with a thin crust, had the best of both Indian and Italian cuisine. Peanuts have a unique section ‘Tiffin box’ aka their Mumbai style ‘dabba’ menu from which we tasted Chole Kulche. Served in a layered ceramic tiffin box, both the chole and kulcha were yummy. We were almost transported to the lanes of Punjab. Another fan favourite dish was Chicken Tikka Masala and Garlic Naan. We paired our food with another set of drinks but non-alcoholic ones —  Summer Spritz and Coco Breeze. Cucumber, mint and citrus added a nice flavour profile to the Summer Spritz drink, whereas Coco Breeze shone due to its unique combination of coconut water and raspberry.

We finished off our tasting session with Irani Tea and Mocha Coffee served with favourite Osmania biscuits. The last but definitely not the least, the dish we enjoyed was their dessert — Biscoff Cheesecake. The soft and creamy cheesecake flavoured with biscoff, left us desiring for more.

Food enthusiasts who look for great food and insta-worthy cafes, make sure to check out this unique retro-themed café.

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