Rathika empowers rural fashion

NIFD offers scholarships and conducts tests for rural students to join their courses.
Rathika empowers rural fashion
Photo | Vinay Madapu

HYDERABAD: Fashion has been evolving rapidly, with noticeable changes every week. Design institutes have also adapted to keep pace with these trends. Recently, the National Institute of Fashion Design (NIFD) held a scholarship event aimed at helping rural students showcase their skills in tailoring outfits. Prominent actor Rathika Ravinder, known from Bigg Boss Telugu season 7, presented the scholarships. She captivated the audience with her gracious presence and shared her insights on fashion and her personal style.

Speaking about NIFD and her involvement in the initiative, Rathika said, “People passionate about fashion often wonder where to start. It’s easier for those in cities to access resources, but this is not the case for villagers who lack knowledge. NIFD offers scholarships and conducts tests for rural students to join their courses. These tests cover basic fashion knowledge. Recently, a test was held, and scholarships were awarded to the meritorious students. The next exam is on June 23, providing another opportunity for those who missed it.”

On her fashion choices, Rathika explained, “Fashion is crucial as we are always in the public eye and need to be conscious of our appearance. For me, fashion means wearing what suits my body well. I prefer bright colours and comfortable clothing, which I carry with grace.” Discussing fashion and comfort, she added, “Fashion and comfort go hand in hand. If wearing revealing dresses, comfort is essential. Fashion is evolving with more revealing outfits, but it’s important to carry them confidently to avoid looking awkward.”

Rathika Ravinder
Rathika RavinderPhoto | Vinay Madapu

Addressing body positivity and fashion, Rathika emphasised, “Whatever outfits you wear, you should feel comfortable and know how to carry them. Whether it’s your walk or the accessories you choose, everything matters.”

Regarding her fitness regimen, Rathika shared, “I maintain my fitness through good sleep, a balanced diet, and workouts that include cardio, dance, and Zumba. I eat what I like but ensure to balance it with exercise to stay fit.”

Rathika also expressed gratitude to her fans, “Thank you for all your support. I’m working on two projects: ‘Pizza 4’, a sequel to the ‘Pizza’ movie in Tamil and Telugu, and ‘Dark Web’, a Malayalam movie dubbed in multiple languages for a pan-Indian release. Your encouragement means a lot to me, and I hope you continue to support me.”

When asked about web series, she said, “I’ve been exploring scripts but am currently focused on these two movies. I hope to work on a web series soon.”

Encouraging fashion design students, Rathika concluded, “Starting something new requires support, and here at NIFD, students receive both financial aid and education. Confidence is key to success.”

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