Ariko Fresh introduces authentic New York–style bagels to Hyderabad

These hand-rolled, boiled, and baked bagels take 24 hours to perfect, offering a truly authentic experience.
Ariko Fresh introduces New-York-Style Bagels in Hyderabad.
Ariko Fresh introduces New-York-Style Bagels in|Express

HYDERABAD : A bread that is round in shape, has a hole, and can be stuffed with a variety of ingredients. No, not a donut. It’s a bagel, a bread that is very famous in New York and of which New Yorkers are proud. We went all the way, not to New York but to Ariko Fresh in Jubilee Hills, to indulge in authentic New York—style bagels, as they recently introduced them for the first time in the city.

Though the roots of bagels originated in Poland, the taste is enhanced with New York water, and bagels are synonymous with New York. The process of preparing bagels makes them distinct from other breads. And who can deny a bread that is soft and loaded with flavours?

“We built this brigade for all those who longed for the authentic taste of hot bagels, just like they’re done in New York,” said Sharath Chandra Reddy Gattu, founder of Ariko. Ariko Fresh bagels are a labour of love, hand-rolled and boiled before baking to perfection. What sets them apart is their commitment to quality ingredients, like their homemade cream cheese crafted from the highest quality milk, reflecting their dairy background (Kiaro). The variety of cream cheese spreads is the perfect complement to their flavourful bagels.

As we entered Ariko Fresh, we were astonished to see the crowd for bagels. Curious to find out the reason behind the craze, we spoke to Head Baker, Chef Saran Kumar. He explained the specialty of their bagels: “Bagels are as popular as idli dosa in New York. Bagels are available in India, but they are not authentic; they are made in one hour using yeast. The authentic process makes bagels distinct. Starting from making the dough, resting it, boiling, and baking it, it takes 24 hours to make an authentic bagel. Only after the 24-hour process do you get crispy on the top and soft inside bagels. We have around 15 varieties of bagels, including veg and non-veg. Our bagels are fresh, authentic, and healthy.”

Customers enjoying the fresh bagels at Ariko Fresh.
Customers enjoying the fresh bagels at Ariko Fresh.Photo | Express

We ordered their Sesame Bagel paired with coffee. Every bite of the bagel was flavourful with fresh cream and veggies, making us want more. We also tried their mango-flavoured cheesecake; it just melted in the mouth. They have 10 different types of bagels, each with its own unique twist. From classic plain and sesame to adventurous jalapeno and blueberry, there’s a bagel to suit every taste bud. And let’s not forget their signature Nova bagels, featuring sumptuous smoked salmon nestled between layers of freshly baked goodness. They also have fresh croissants ranging from butter, chocolate, and almond to Korean Garlic and pistachio croissants.

Ariko Fresh truly elevated the bagel experience for Hyderabadis with authentic bagels and their curated selection of pairings such as coffee, cheesecakes, and more.

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