Debunking dental myths: An insight from FMS Dental's founder

There are several myths, such as tooth extraction can lead to eye problems, which is not true, says Dr Parthasaradhi Reddy, Founder and Chairman of FMS Dental Clinics.
Debunking dental myths: An insight from FMS Dental's founder

HYDERABAD: Many people overlook the fact that oral health is as crucial as any other health condition. Often, it’s challenging to find a one-stop solution for dental, skin, and hair care treatments. Fortunately, FMS Dental, a specialty hospital in Hyderabad, offers comprehensive care in these areas. We spoke with Dr Parthasaradhi Reddy, Founder and Chairman of FMS Dental Clinics, about the growth of dental treatments and the myths surrounding them.

Tell us about FMS Dental and its beginnings.

We started in 1992 in Koti, and in 1998, we expanded to include hospital dentistry where we perform surgeries. We also provide in-house treatments. The concept of hospital dentistry emerged because some treatments required surgical intervention. We’ve been offering skin treatments for the last three years. Our primary focus is on implants and cosmetics. Initially, we introduced the concept of multispecialty dentistry. Over time, awareness about these treatments has grown significantly. We have expanded from cosmetic dentistry to cosmetology, providing various surgical procedures such as smile makeovers and facial treatments. We focus strictly on our areas of expertise and avoid anything outside of our specialisation.

What are some common myths about dental health?

There are several myths, such as treatments causing sensitivity, which is not true. Another myth is that tooth extraction can lead to eye problems, which is also false. These myths often relate to specific procedures. For example, some believe that not getting regular cleanings will cause sensitivity. While rare, some people may experience issues, but generally, there is no harm in extractions. It’s crucial to dispel these myths to ensure proper dental care. Regular cleanings are essential to prevent infections that can spread and cause more severe health issues.

How important is oral health compared to other health conditions?

Oral health is vital for confidence, eating, and smiling. It doesn’t have to be cosmetically perfect but should be healthy. There is clear evidence that gum infections can lead to systemic issues, such as cardiac problems. Controlling gum infections is essential because they can contribute to other health complications. Oral health is as important as any other health condition, and awareness is increasing. Regular dental check-ups and cleanings, ideally once a year, are crucial.

What dietary habits should one follow for good dental health?

To develop strong teeth, children should consume sufficient calcium. Teeth formation completes by age 11, so nutritious food during childhood is essential for good oral health. To prevent decay, avoid sticky chocolates and foods high in sugar. If decay begins, see a dentist promptly to treat it. A diet low in sugars and high in nutritious foods is key.

What are some common myths about skin and hair care?

Many people only seek skin treatments when there is a problem, such as pigmentation or excess hair. Society often pressures individuals to look a certain way, but we focus on evidence-based treatments and only offer proven solutions. We don’t promise what we can’t deliver, which helps us maintain our credibility.

What challenges do you face regularly?

One major challenge is managing expectations. People often consult various sources, including the internet, which can provide inaccurate information. Social media is a significant challenge as it spreads misinformation. We spend a lot of time correcting misconceptions and providing accurate information.

How do you handle the influence of celebrities on people’s perceptions of beauty?

When patients come in with unrealistic expectations influenced by celebrities, we explain the limitations. Many celebrities endorse products for commercial reasons and may not actually use them. People are becoming more aware of this, and we help them understand what is realistically achievable.

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