Pop-up goes the weasel

From September 7, Via Kochi will run a weekly pop-up store featuring seven local brands.
Pop-up goes the weasel

KOCHI:  In the last couple of years, Kochi has played host to many flea markets, which not only brought in many sustainable brands to the city, but also boosted local brands and artisans by providing a platform for many to turn their hobbies into a lucrative businesses. While Covid-19 has undoubtedly affected all sectors, local brands and entrepreneurs who lack major investors have zero to little money left to sustain themselves. This very thought prompted ‘Via Kochi’, a print and online medium, to set up an online space for brands close to home.

From September 7, Via Kochi will run a weekly pop-up store featuring seven local brands. This will happen every month, and each brand will showcase its seven best products or deals. The first pop-up from Via Kochi will run from September 7 to September 13 on store.viakochi.com. Brands ranging from clothing to art, wellness products, cosmetics, furniture and more will be featured. Wanting to retain the groovy and pleasant vibe of flea markets, Via Kochi will also feature Instagram live performances by young and upcoming artists and singers to poets and dancers.

“More than a marketplace for brands, this will be a space for them to reconnect with old customers and meet new ones. We know firsthand how businesses can be affected by the pandemic, and we wanted to do our bit to help local brands,” said Jay, founder of Via Kochi.  The brands listed in the first pop-up include Via Kerala, Salt Studio, Annahmol By Annahmol, Kitch.In, Nature’s Veda and Aaraam Se. Via Kochi will also feature its brand of quirky tee shirts in this pop-up.

Theresa Joseph George, founder and creative director of Via Kerala, one of the brands being featured, said that the pandemic has shifted focus to local brands. “In the long run, we would need products, designers and suppliers that are near us. Currently, going online is a great way to showcase products and receive support,” she said.

“The idea is to start from where we left off as a city, where brands and customers have stories to tell,” said Jay. “Maybe it is a cultural thing but it is rare for us to just walk into a store, pick a thing and leave. We like to know the story behind the products we buy, talk to the ones who run the store and we want to bring back the conversations and the vibe that was so intrinsic to shopping,” added Jay. For more details, contact 95675 87556 or hello@viakochi.com.

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